Hard to forget the intriguing moments, they engulf my mind when in solace,
They don’t let me rest,
They don’t let me breath,
They don’t let me think,
They encapsulate my mind,
To shun your thoughts is a challenge,
To forget you is unthinkable,
You are ether, you are rain, and you are the morning dew.
You are the answer to my life long wait,
But, you just disappear and abandon me in this boundless sky of loneliness.

Abandoned I walked miles,
I saw you drifted apart day by day,
Now you are beyond my gaze,
Feeble I stumbled and cried,
Each baby step was a lesson of life,
Now in solitude, serenity and strength,
With a multitude of dreams,
And unwavering focus,
I am back not with vengeance but, everlasting love
That will lift me every time I fall in the ravines of misfortune,
Not will you I call, Not will you I search
Not will you I remember,
I stand with belief, dreams and hope.
I stand with will and confidence unshakable
Goodbye to you.


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