In your arms…

2013-03-03 10.35.15

If I had to go a thousand miles to reach you,

I would reach you and it won’t be an impossible task.

But, you sit close and yet you seem to be miles apart,

No matter how much I try, I would never reach you.

It has happened so many times that you linger in your own thoughts,

while I struggle to pull down the wall that you build around yourself.

Words fail but when I touch you, you respond with a smile so enduring,

The wall around you collapses and you embrace me like a child and surrender.

It seems as if you wanted to be in safe arms.

Then the world has its own ways and we have to depart,

You come smiling to my world, be there for a while,

And every time you leave, it is nothing but a departure destined to end in each other’s arms.







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