New day

2012-06-24 11.18.28

Enjoy the small joys in your life,

You never know when they might stop coming to you,.

Value what you possess today,

You never know when everything that you possess might vanish someday.

Treat each day as a blessing divine,

Spread smiles for it can brighten up someone’s life.

You have everything in you,

To keep moving and never give up,

Get up and don’t give up the fight.

Life is beautiful, if you smile at it,

It grins at you, if that is what you choose to give it.

So each day is a new day,

Don’t fear anything,

If you failed today, you learnt your lessons,

When you succeed, you have new goals to achieve.

A brand new day, brings love and hope,

You get back from the universe what you gave it, you know!!!



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