The Woman I know

me at home rain

I have this intense desire to destroy everything that has been created.

I love to be brash, outspoken, loud, expressive & assertive.

Iam a bit confused if I am a woman or a man.

As a woman I am not supposed to be all of this.

This confusion gave birth to the wish that I be born as a man.

As a child I always felt, ‘Wo man guys are lucky. They can step out of the house any time, go anywhere, hang around anywhere & no one would stop them.’

I had so much aggression in me but, as I grew I evolved or rather was made to believe it is in my interest to show restrain in my behaviour. i.e. be feminine.

I gradually started understanding being feminine means being gentle in ways, moves, expressions, and words.

But, that is just not me. So I am less like a woman?

Why can’t I just be me & still not be scorned at?

I hate stereotypes ……


I would prefer not to be known as a man or woman but, more as a human being.


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