Writing 101: Day 2: A True Saint

A True Saint

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.


You know Writing 101, is truly wonderful….It makes me think and introspect. I get down to writing about things I never would think of writing. It prompts, initiates and motivates. No doubt my blog is a constant companion. I love sharing stuff with my blog and co- bloggers. My blog is a friend of course….and is such a listener. Ah!!

Cheers to the WordPress team!!!

gulmohar lonavala

Click: Lonavala

Saint?  Now that is difficult to be. But, if given a choice to be a Saint of X, hmmm, well then I would be Saint of travel. I would be the one to set myself free. Travel to distant lands and never have to come back home.  I would be a traveling Saint.

No one would know where I lived and how I lived. Not a word from me. I would travel….You know it feels really great to visit places far and distant. No entanglements, no attachments.

But, then eventually its the search within that is so enduring. May by travelling extensively I would peep within more often and keep writing more and more.

Oh yes a Saint is difficult to be….


tree lonavala

Click: Lonavala

I want to wander to spaces far and distant,
I want to absorb as much as the journeys unfold,
For long I lingered on what I wished to do,
I denied to break the shackles of fear & hesitation,
Pulling myself in the mundane & routine life,
And saying ‘Life is perfectly the way I want it to be’,
No longer could I hold back my wishes,
As I traveled over weekends I found each place transcends time,
It had itself traversed a journey &
When I visit it again,
It will have traversed much more & I would have too,
The give and take between me & the journey/destinations,
Is what I crave for.
A vagabond is what I truly want to be.


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