Abbas and Nehruvian aesthetics in Indian Cinema

This article is wonderfully written. I am so happy that I found it today, as it is the birth anniversary of a great writer Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Sahaab.

Bargad... बरगद...

On the occasion of the 98th Birth Anniversary of noted film personality Khwaja Ahmed Abbas (7 June 1914 – 1 June 1987), we pay our tribute to the filmmaker, writer and journalist. Professional journalist and occasional documentary filmmaker John Dayal has been a human rights activist since the early Seventies.He can be contacted at This article was first published in  Deccan Herald on April 3, 1987. 

John Dayal

KHWAJA Ahmed Abbas’s consciousness has never been slave to physical frailty, or to anything else. There is something typical of the man in his latest struggle for life his heart weakened in 70 years of stress, a haemorrague and a clot in the brain, emerging out of a coma with oxygen and glucose tubes maintaining the body functions, a body wracked by pain and the afflictions of age, but yet his cathartic eyes and ever so fine a mind…

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