Writing 101: Day 7: Living Art


Prompt: One day, your favourite piece of art-  a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door – comes to life. What happens next?

(Thanks for inspiring this prompt, Jen Baxter!)

Yesterday when I read this prompt I had nothing that I could think about. Today, in a fraction of a second I thought this:

My favourite piece of art is a self portrait of Vincent van Gogh & if that one painting had to come to life, it would be an unimaginable moment. I would spend time just listening to this great soul & watch him paint.

Probably his struggle is what attracts me towards this great painter. I don’t follow paintings much, but when I read the book ‘Lust for Life’ by Irving Stone, I started searching for his paintings and obviously found them on the net.

His paintings are truly wonderful and this self portrait is my favourite.

Photo: Courtesy: http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/portraits/van_gogh.htm




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