Embrace Life- Bougainvillea

Click : Amit Bose



The most amazing thing about life is that it makes you go through a metamorphosis.

If you allow it to 🙂

Each day is about the choices you make.

If you want anyone to trample you …it is a choice you made.

Emotions can destroy you, at the same time you can use them as a powerful weapon to achieve your goals.

Emotions should not weaken you, but make you sensitive to others’ feelings.

But, if you are so self obsessed with your own emotions, you hardly see what others are going through.

You are being shamelessly selfish because, you are self obsessed.

And I have seen most artists being self obsessed.

Art should make you sensitive. But, it often turns an artist into a hypocrite.

While you get hurt, you cannot think rationally and you feel that your sorrow is the worst.

Infact, you are nothing but a pessimist.

Make a choice to love your life and spread love instead of venom.

If you care for people around you, never say the wrong things.

For they will listen to you till a point, till they can endure the hurt.

After that they will have you out of your life.

And these good byes are painful.

They leave scars deep inside your heart and are irreparable losses.

Why hurt someone you so love.





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