Day 264 – When My Body Is Broken

Wonderful poetry by Charlotte Cuevas. Do follow her blog to read some amazing poetry.

Charlotte Cuevas

When I’m all knuckles and arches,
when I’ve lost a foot from my spine,
when the bruises appear on contact,
when the veins disperse like lightning
over rippled canvas;

When my pink scalp peeks
through thin tufts of white,
when my milky glass eyes
can’t see the kids from the porch;

When I’ve no more lovely body
to tempt a man and my face
is careworn to soft leather
from decades of expression;

When I’ve completed that transaction
which governs all life,
traded time and youth
for wisdom at last;

When my body is broken
and the world hurries on,
unconcerned with the remnants of me,

I know I shall be
at a satisfied peace
for the leavings behind
of a fiery mind,

to have lived a story
worth telling,
to have written a life

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