Writing 101: Day 24: Vending Machine

Vending Wishes

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!


mumbai city in the night

I want a vending machine that has the friskiest of jokes and at the end a hug that would make my day. Life is full of challenges, it gets so stressful but, the moment I feel that, I should be able to run to a vending machine that makes me laugh and gives me a tight hug. I know that sounds weird but, in a technology driven world, I think we all live quite a isolated life, though communication is getting better, the human connect is vanishing. A vending machine is surely not the answer.


My city

Sheher bhar main itni awaze,

Itne log, itne chehere,

Sehemi si palkon main,

Bade, buland khwaab,

Saal guzar gaye,

Ab nazar hain bekhauf,

Sapne aur bhi buland,

Sheher ki baat hi kuch aur,

dher se log,

aur dor se kati har patang,

dher se log,

aur tanhayee main dube man.

Mera shehar…

My city has a charm of its own,

Innumerable faces,

Countless voices,

Nervous eyes,

Filled with bold dreams.

Years have passed by,

Nervous eyes are now fearless,

Dreams have got bolder,

My city has a charm of its own,

Countless people,

Uprooted from their homes,

And lonely hearts,

This city has a soul.



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