Being Silent in Speech

Just A Crazy Dreamer

A few days back, I was part of a silent retreat “Head 2 Heart”, organized by Sahaj Foundation in Bir district, Himachal Pradesh, India.There, despite trying a lot, I wasn’t able to maintain silence as there were other people talking. Also, I was feeling like connecting with some of the amazing people I had around. This made me question the balance between being silent and connecting with people, both equally important aspects of life. I decided to start speaking with my fellow participants in order to understand the balance better and also, strive towards finding it.

As I was breaking the rules of the retreat, I shared my decision with the organizers of the retreat. I wanted them to understand my experiment and also, wanted their feedback on the same. Ashish, one of the organizers and a good friend, retorted to my reasoning with a beautiful sentence which summarized…

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