2014-07-01 13.13.00

Life is but an illusion,

I run after everything temporal that doesn’t exist in reality,

And think it will lead to success,

Or social acceptance,

No wonder even while I achieve success,

I remain deeply dissatisfied and incomplete.

So then is life about running after the distant dream,

That I am never going to achieve,

A mirage, life is an illusion,

When it has to end it will reach a sense of completeness.

Why should I care how much wealth, fame or respect I receive in this world?

For the people who remember me today, will have another name to play with,

Heroes do fall,

And the pit is a grave self dug.

So if  life is an illusion the purpose seems to be doing my duty,

And staying unattached and distanced from what eyes can see.


Inspired: While watching the Kannada movie ‘Mane’ directed by Girish Kasarvalli I paused it and wrote this poem. I don’t why I wrote this, and how I wrote this. But, it came just instantly.

Watch this great movie, it has English subtitles 🙂 : Courtesy YouTube.




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