Writing 101: Day 30: Wrong Turns

Day 30


Wrong Turns

Pune University hit the road

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

Click: @ Pune University

Its great to have a phone that can click such wonderful images.

University tree sky


After I shifted to Pune, I have not lost my way too many times. Probably it is just the city; it is calm and quiet. You can actually think for a while and then take the road. But, Mumbai has got pace. It pushes you to move fast, so you are liable to take a wrong road.

It’s the same with life, if you pause for a while and think, “am I taking the right road in life? You would rather not walk the wrong path.” This doesn’t mean that you hesitate to take a new road. All that I mean is question and probe why you taking a road?

Pune University Bogunvillea

And about getting lost, I often get lost in my own world even while someone is talking. My mind wanders ….lost in thoughts. I am the happiest when I have less people around me and I love to be in the company of trees. This is not what the prompt asked, isn’t it? But, while I write the prompts I take off in a completely different direction and I love that. Now, I don’t want to think ‘Why the hell did I take that direction? Comon! I just loved it that’s all’.

Pune University bogunvillea streams


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 30: Wrong Turns

  1. :).. Interesting prompt… I on my part am at a phase in my life in which i am totally lost and i am totally loving the feeling of not-knowing; There is this quote i really love: ” Getting lost will help you find yourself” and i have found it true throughout my life, each time i have been lost or have taken a wrong turn, i have come out learning something amazing about myself.. 🙂


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