Are we free? India’s 68th Independence Day- Crusaders

15th August-images, pics

Just revisited my post on 15th August. It had some errors. Got them checked.

Are we truly independent? Are we truly fee?

Lot of people here in India are bubbling with hope and have dreams that they set to achieve. As we all travel on this dream trail, we are still bogged down by so many fears. Today, I was reading an interview of Sir John Browne (Corporate Dossier, Economic Times,  interviewed by Dibeyendu Ganguly) who had to resign as the CEO of British Petroleum after a British tabaloid published an article on his affair with male escort. He has written a book ‘ The Glass Closet- Why coming out is good business’, where he puts the story of gay executives he has met along with his journey.

He came out of the closet at the age of 59. It took so many years for him to come out openely about his sexuality. Here in India too we are fighting for the rights of LGBT. Majority of us don’t accept them in the mainstream and condem them for their sexuality. Oh! to say it openely at your work place that you are gay or a lesbian, might not go well with anyone and might cost you your job. Apart from the views of Superme Court, the pubic acceptance and awareness is surely the most impending obstacle in the realization of their rights.

So are we free?

Laxmi an acid attack survivor is fighting her battle after she was attacked with acid at the age of 15. Her PIL has lead to the court directive for regulation of acid sale and greater compensation for surviors.  But, her post survival story has not been without stuggles. She applied for jobs where she was rejected due to the burns on her face. She faced sly remarks too from people. She is working with many acid attack survivors to see them happily settled in their life.

What does this reflect of us, when we make sly remarks based on looks? Are we not slaves of our prejudices?

So are we free?

The opressed class in India is fighting its battle since Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar started the fight for justice and equality. We have so many people in India fighting for their rights even today. Film makers like Anand Patwardhan are turning everyone’s attention to this aspect of Indian society.


So are we free?

When I set out of the house I need to wear clothes that would be ‘decent’ according to the societal standards, customs and traditions. Inspite of that I don’t even know who would try to make me uncomfortable. Clothes are my way of expressing my personality and should be of my choice. Apparently the clothes that women choose to wear are the reason for rapes in our country. Now, that is like telling the murderer, ‘It is okay its not your fault. You were instigated into it’.


Iam surely not free yet, if I cannot wear clothes of my choice. Yes, I am cynical. Many great things have happened in these 68 years and we have PROGRESSED. But, in what direction? Yes, Iam cynical but, democracy is power in the hands of people, so we should use it by becoming aware. How often do I fearlessly express my views in Independent India?

The way we bring up our children and the kind of lives we live, will reflect the thoughts of our future generation. If we want our children to be proud of their nationality we need to give them the right reasons.

Happy freedom..


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