Silent New Year

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Hello Everyone

Wish you a very Happy New Year.

I started posting regularly on my blog since June 2014. I am so happy that you visited my blog and liked my posts. All fellow bloggers have made my life truly happy.

It has been quite sometime I haven’t written anything. Infact, its been three months I haven’t written a poem. Totally unbelievable. It surely was a downside in my life. Instead of cashing in on it, I preferred to stay mum. Today, I decided to break the silence. Thank you everyone who supported me through this tough period and especially who didn’t because, you just made me stronger and resilient.

Everyone wears a mask, and the fear that our real self would get exposed to the world makes us do every thing to hide our true self. This fear shoots from the false pride to show the world that all is well.

Well, all is not well. But, instead of focusing on what is missing I decided to focus on my blessings. And the New Year turned out to be truly happy.

Again, I wish everyone a prosperous, happy and an enjoyable year ahead. Welcome 2015.


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