World Poetry Day

For long I felt that writing heals. All the thoughts that run into your mind can be captured on pen and paper. And after the end of the process it leaves your heart a bit light. You get the courage to face the situation and it makes you happy.

But, just expressing yourself truly helps you get rid of troubles? Well, it makes your mind stable, the war in your mind does calm. Everyone has different challenges and everyone seems to be burdened with a bit of stress.

Writing de-stresses you. But, is it a way to escape from the situation?

Well, it does take your mind out of the situation and lets you look objectively at your problems. It also helps you introspect and peep within.

I feel poetry pampers your emotions and it helps you dissolve them into words. That is why I love poetry. A wonderful expression it transfers you to its musical world and it is your world. An independent world that you later share with people you love.


Photo clicked by Amit Bose



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