Meditation : Dissolve in me


There are a series of poems that I will be publishing, which I wrote after spending time at the mediation hall at Ram Krishna Mission Math, Pune. The first poem I wrote was on 3rd February, 2015 and you can read it here:

I often spend time at the meditation hall at Ram Krishna Mission Math, Pune. I went there after many days. When I came out I wrote this poem. I generally close my eyes and there are a thousand thoughts that hover. There comes a time when I get stable and relax.  I haven’t learnt any technique of meditation but, I have just set on a journey in search of the inner world….not sure if it can be called mediation.

Here is what I wrote and the click is by Amit Bose

Dissolve in me.

The strings of the material world will pull you.

Evading them, feeling them, touching them, and yet distancing from them will be a challenge for you.

It is but your test to distance and disconnect and connect with me.

You are a child who comes to me when you exhaust your energy in this maze,

And you search your way back to me for peace and tranquility,

Once you absorb it, you are back to the maze deceiving me and self, by saying you will stay disconnected.

Your child like promises won’t deter my determination to pull you back to me,

For the end is near and you have to dissolve in me.

© Copyright 2015 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

The Click is by Amit Bose © Copyright 2015 Amit Bose All rights reserved.






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