Permanent Travelers is a poetry group on Facebook launched by Aaron Cornett. It its more than a poetry group, it is a wonderful platform for passionate poets.

We all had got to a stage where we needed to relax, detox our body and mind from the rituals of routine, and exhale a little….:) So Aaron thought of a challenge where we would be away from the routine and write for a week. This poem is one from the challenge.



A knock at the door,
And a moment was waiting to enter,
A boulevard of choices,
Sorrow or pain, said you want to try again?
Shutting all windows and doors,
Furiously, in a mad rage,
Sitting in a corner heard love adage,
Away from the world,
It was peace …
No pastures of pleasure,
No thorns of pain,
Complete silence,
Holding with it wider lands to explore,
A free world to breathe,
Where we dance to the music of love and just flow.
Without a reason, without expectation,
A free land seems distant but yet so close.

2012-07-08 10.38.59



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