To float and flow, Let go

Nakul has written this so wonderfully. I couldn’t resist sharing it on my blog…..Nakul keep writing such great stuff it feels great

Just A Crazy Dreamer

To float and flow, Let go;

To experience the magic present all around, Let go;

To cease seeking control over it all, Let go;

To listen to the melody of the Universe, Let go;

To break free from the clutches of the mind, Let go;

To witness the oneness in all that’s dual, Let go;

To feel connected to anything and everything, Let go;

To be at peace with the futility of it all, Let go;

To be carried by the Universal flow, Let go;

To come face to face with the illusion within and without, Let go;

To feel the purity inherently present within, Let go;

To fly without wings, Let go;

To dance without music, Let go;

To speak without words, Let go;

To create music out of thin air, Let go;

To feel the sync between the individual and the divine, Let go;

To neither seek nor…

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