2014-08-24 14.41.05

Why do I have to keep quiet at the wicked gestures of the world,

Can’t I just speak my mind and lash out the winces,

Oh Shut Up! This is beyond your senses and intelligence,

Each scowling on the other,

Why am I so disturbed and restless,

Why is everything moving so fast?

Breezing past my eyes,

I don’t get a chance to react.

Absorbing and absorbing,

I can vomit out my rebel,

Kill a few thoughts,

And arouse a furore,

Disgruntled  I stare at the fire within,

Burnt in it is my timidity,

Rising from the flames is my chaos,

Residue of ashes is the proof of pain destroyed.

© Copyright 2015 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

Click by Amit Bose © Copyright 2015 Amit Bose & Rashmi Malapur All rights reserved.


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