Life is beautiful- No one is as important as you


What happens when someone cheats you? Some one close attacks you with a dagger on your back and you are stunned as she is the closest person to you.

You yell at that person, complain, get back at her. The other person gives no reaction. She is least bothered that you are hurt. You feel hurt and dejected, so the only way to vent out your feelings is to hurt the opposite person.

Well, it is not on purpose but, you are so stunned and hurt by her intensiveness that you can’t help but react instantly.

And if you are a person like me who doesn’t keep anything to heart, you will surely react instantly.

After all this storm ends, you realize the situation could be better handled. You could just shut your mouth and stayed calm.

‘I cannot carry this negativity within me’. When you realize this you instantly forgive that person, to move on.

No one is more important than yourself. If you are happy life moves into a beautiful direction. 

With negativity bundled in you, life gets directionless and you fall into the depression trap.

What is a depression trap? One thought after the other troubles your mind. Each thought is negative.

A negative thought cannot lead to a positive one. One negative thought leads to a negative thought and this is an endless cycle. Gradually it nibbles your brain, heart and your entire life.

Kill this depression trap by speaking positive to yourself. Positive thoughts bloom your life.

Life is beautiful and no person in this universe can hurt you or make your life miserable.



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