Quotes to be happy

Difficult tasks seem to be impossible to achieve, but the moment we start we have crossed half the journey. Nothing is impossible.

Life is about ‘this moment’, once it is gone it won’t return back. Each moment is special, live it to the fullest.

Your closest friends should be your bitterest critique.

Success is based on your parameters. Not because some one calls you successful. You don’t need to be endorsed by others.

Shut up! and do your work. Your work will speak for itself.

Life is not a b@@@h, she is a beautiful woman, wooing you to live all the time. Life teases you so that you live happily.

Don’t crib, someone else is suffering more than you.

Leaders are not born they are created by followers.

Leadership doesn’t means power, it means empathy and responsibility.

Till the last breath, the game isn’t over. I think I just started.

© Copyright 2015 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

Click by : Amit Bose © Copyright 2015 Amit Bose All rights reserved.


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