Father, what is the color of your affection?

A Poem by Sangeeta Suneja



As I was surfing on the net, around three years back, I came across an awesome poetry group called ‘Destiny Poets’. It is a wonderful platform for poets around the world to share their poems. This one is written by Sangeeta Suneja.  I loved it, so I thought of sharing it with you. Read and do leave your comments.

You can read more of her poems on http://www.destinypoets.co.uk/?author=126

Father, what is the colour of your affection?


the enthralling captivity,

Of the creamy white, cocoons,

What does she know about

The colors of your affection

On her wings,

When the flower blooms.

She picks them all

Among the leaves,

On your bough,

The bright red ladybird,

Is dyed deep,

in those,

Her shades, of your affection,
She hardly knows!

© Copyright 2015 Sangeeta Suneja All rights reserved.

Click by Amit Bose: © Copyright 2015 Amit Bose All rights reserved.


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