Positive Sutra

‘Oh! Im exhausted, Im freaking out with this huge mess in my life. Nothing is working out for me. When will this end?’ Yes, it will only if you truly wish it to. You want to know how? Read on….
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Courtesy: YouTube

Courtesy: YouTube

There comes a point in your life when you get bitterly disillusioned by everything. This is the result of excessive negative self talk, which leads to depression. All your energy is spent in battling with this immense force called ‘negativity’. You start to cut yourself from everyone around you and relations seem meaningless. You become a loner without you even realizing it. The fear of being hurt again makes you withdraw from everyone and you at times break down crying.

In reality it’s force is not much, only if you back each negative thought immediately with a positive one. Guys, we have all gone through this at least once in our life. Let us be honest, no one so immensely positive that they have never gone through this phase. Is there any at all to this?
Sure there is. Read on…

Today, I share some Positive sutras with you that I swear by:

Connect with someone:

Stop pondering over the problem; stop discussing your life with others. Go out with some of your friends or call someone who can spark your life with positivity.

Ignore problem seekers:

Always be away from people who add negativity to your life. You will meet people who keep highlighting the flip side of life and discourage you. Infact, you will instantly feel the negative vibe when you talk to such people. They will tell you that you won’t achieve your dreams because, they are unrealistic, you are mad to dream this or you simply are not worth it. Guys, IGNORE these freaks.

Never ditch exercising:

This is one sutra you cannot just avoid. Get the hell out of your bed early in the morning. Some days you may get up late. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from going to the gym, or exercising. You can indulge in any physical activity. Go swimming, jogging, cycling, yoga or simply brisk walk. Do what you like doing the most and have fun. Just get out of breath and pant. This keeps you rejuvenated and energised all through the day.

Hobbies: Your fun time:

I love to write that is why I have a blog, which is a platform of self-expression for me. Treasure a hobby; it may be a sport, painting, singing, dancing, etc. This keeps you busy and immensely happy.

Read inspirational literature:

Read quotes, articles, stories and blogs that inspire to get up again and fight all odds. And also, watch motivational movies and listen to music. This pulls you out of the slow pace that your body and mind has got into and peps you up. Music is a greatest healer of all times, the world of music is immensely rejuvenating. Explore various genres and fill your life with unending positivity.

Quit on smoking, drinking and substance abuse:

Unfortunately a hell lot of people turn to addiction of different kinds. Each person is sensitive because, no one is devoid of emotions. Most inspirational stories inspire you because, the hero has been touched by an emotional incident or event and dreamt to achieve that one impossible thing that is missing in his/ her life. So if you are going through an emotional drool avoid going out with friends for a drink, instead introspect about what has happened and how you can work out things. Have a mentor in life who can guide you.
Alcohol or drugs aren’t an answer to anything. They kill your stamina, temporarily boost your mood, but, when the intoxication ends, your mind is back to negative thoughts and depression. This is escapism; every time you face a challenge you will gulp bottles of alcohol and feel all your worries have dissolved, but in reality they don’t, it only makes you weak.

Avoid fatalistic views:

You will meet losers who will tell you that ‘you deserve this life’ or ‘your deeds in the present or past life has landed you in this situation’. Tell them to shut their dirty trap and ignore them completely. This is the only solution. If you start pondering on this thought you will accept the present situation and not change it.



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