‘She Decided Enough is Enough’: A Review

Story, Editor, Director – Sanjay Mathew
Director of Photography – Timmanna Hegde
Writer – Anamik Thakur
Music Composer – Anuj Bhatt


Manisha Kelkar – Tanu
Nimai Bali – Inspector
Tushar Acharya – Aslam
Vikrant Thakre – Bunny
Yohaan Kumar – Ashu
Aditya Maharana – Bijoy
Brij Bharadwaj – Chandu

This movie, ‘She decided Enough is Enough’ (http://youtu.be/ew_m-sVCMUk ) is blaring and stares right in your face. It has no subtle scenes or sugar coated dialogues. It questions ‘Why don’t women speak up at the right moment?’ They don’t because they are fearful of the circumstances. They are scared that if they speak, it would create havoc in their life and that of the people around them. So they shut up and endure all the humiliation. But, this story is about Tanu who dares to speak. What then are the consequences? Hell breaks over.

Tanu and Bunny work in the same office and they are seeing each other. Its Bunny’s birthday and he invites Tanu for a small private party. While they are coochie cooing, their office colleagues barge in to celebrate his birthday. The party takes an interesting but, violent turn when they all start to speak about office politics and promotions. One of the friends Aslam starts to accuse Tanu that she is assigned all good clients because, she is close to the boss. He says the boss supports her because she extends favours to him. They all agree that boss is ready to do anything for Tanu and they are certain that Tanu extends favours to the boss, in exchange. Tanu doesn’t stop the discussion; she faces all the allegations right in Aslam’s face and calls him a frustrated loser. This totally blows the situation out of proportion. Now, Tanu gets upset over this and the mudslinging continues to a point where the cat is out of the bag. What is this big secret? What is the consequence of all this mudslinging, which drives her so furious that she is ready for bloodshed.
This is a story about a woman who is fiercely independent and stands up against the tyranny of men who think women are nothing but sex toys, and are to be used to get ahead in life. There are men who don’t like successful women and would do anything to pull them down, insult them and assault them. Tanu raises her voice but, what does she get in return? Nothing. She loses everything. This is how our society is, it never favours women.

How many women dare to raise their voice against injustice? I believe a few. And it is said that the glass ceiling doesn’t exist. What a blatant lie. Even if you hear the rumours that spread around in offices or where you live, it is obvious that an independent and a happy woman is branded as a ‘slut’. Society believes that she has achieved what she has, merely by sleeping with her boss. It is not her talent that got her success; it is the sexual favours that she extended to the boss that brought her promotions. How true is this? Why are we so conditioned at looking at an independent and working woman in a particular way? Doesn’t she work hard? Is she not capable to reach among the higher echelons in the corporate world? Tanu decides enough is enough and raises her voice against these chauvinist devils.

What is commendable is that the movie is direct to a point that it’s harsh and ruthless. The director (Sanjay Mathew) and writer (Anamik Thakur) haven’t tried to be subtle or say anything between the lines. The language used is harsh to the core. The background score done by Anuj Bhatt highlights the devilishness of the situation and the villainous acts. It is so excruciating and agonizing that it haunts your mind even after the movie ends. The cinematography done by Timmanna Hegde does its magic in the latter half of the movie. The shades that run in the start are full of positivity while after the movie gets violent the camera moves from being sober to harsh. The camera captures the violence of the scenes. The work of the director, Sanjay Mathew is commendable and daring. The violence and the devilishness of the sex starved frustrated friends are well directed. Tanu’s( Manisha Kelkar) reactions and her violent answer to the mudslinging is something that hits you hard. Tanu’s transformation from an affable girl to a violent beast is something that shakes you completely. She has done a great job and is a powerful actress. Bunny’s (Vikrant Thakre) role as a typical sex starved boyfriend comes out well. All the friends (Tushar Acharya, Yohaan Kumar, Brij Bharadwaj and Aditya Maharana) represent the hoarse and raucous men who can do anything to take revenge. Each one of them fits the role almost perfectly well. Sometimes you just don’t want to believe they can be this violent.

It is never easy to produce a film that is this bold. So the producers Ashish Gupta, Bobby Philips, Mini Oommen, Smitha Alexander, George Alexander and Manoj Jain too need to be appreciated for the venture.

What happens to Tanu, does she get justice? You got to watch the end. Click on http://youtu.be/ew_m-sVCMUk

It is not a movie that you watch and forget about, you absorb it and it dwells with you for long. Watch it to believe it.



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