karanA kid was spoiling his drawings made in the sand,

What immense pleasure he derived in doing it,

His father seemed angry with this senseless act of his,

And yelled at him, ‘What a mess you always make of wonderful things?’

The kid asked him, ‘Why do you guard everything in your life? You want everything as it is.

You are so scared.’

His father whispered, ‘For once I want to lose my sanity.

For once I want to guard nothing,

For once I want to lose myself and love someone.’

And he hugged his son tightly.

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.
Images: My 11 year old nephew



Restless mind spells beautiful words,

The storm within camouflages in words that pierce your soul,

All the storm within quietens when words express your emotions.

Words traverse beyond the universe.

And are thrown out beyond the reach of any soul.

What stays back is a mind that is like the quiet stream, calm and serene.

(Inspired from Osho Rajneesh’s writing.)

Love Rashmi

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.



Hidden in my  each breathe,

Is your mystical presence.

Your fragrance spreads fathomless joy in my life.

In quiet, noisy, worldly and earthly moments,

Your resolve to be my companion no matter what, makes me rock solid.

I care less for this transient and deceptive world when you dwell in my soul.

You are not the reason for my existence nor do I derive my life’s meaning from you.

I simply want to swirl and dance to your sweet melodies of spiritual notes.

Love Rashmi

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

Happy New Year

belgaum flowerHappy New Year to all my friends. I have been away for a while. I truly missed you all. New Year kicked off wonderfully and on a positive note. Lately, I haven’t been able to write much.

“Another year passes by, don’t ponder upon what you lost. Think what you learnt. Hold on to happy memories. Move on to better experiences.”
Love Rashmi Malapur

On a Friday evening I was too exhausted and tired. I was traveling back from work and few words struck me. Not wasting a minute I got hold of my mobile phone and keyed in these words.

From the ashes of moments and dust of the past,

Rise pearls of happiness,

And the desire to extract the thrill of life.

Giving way to a life so beautifully woven in dreams.

Indeed in the distant and the buried thoughts lie the dreams of today.

Have a great year ahead !!!