Patriarchy – II

Image Courtesy: Dayanand Borhude
All the sham will wither away,
What will remain is the naked and shameful rot of rules made for benefit of some and pitiful self promotion,
Use anger with the sword of reason,
And the rot will repel its own existence,
Endurance is not a ritual,
And love is not to be flaunted on the grave of happiness,
Paraded naked bodies can’t be the pride of our society,
A place hell for woman is set on the path of destruction.
The hurt and humiliation that was gifted to her,
Will boomerang through her womb,
Your derisive laughter on her slaughter will echo in radiance that will kill your false pride
And challenge this weak system.
© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

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