The Sham of Patriarchy

I have a guest writer on my blog today. She is a fighter, extremely dynamic and full of life. With a never say die attitude she smiles her way through life; an amazing poetess and a great human being. She is Nalini Srivastava. It was a joy co-authoring this poem. 

@Nalini Srivastava

I am an educator by choice as well as profession.Poetry is my catharsis and passion.My first solo poetry book is soon to be published .My poems have been a part of various national and international anthologies.

I have recently explored the genre of short story writing also.My first published short stories are part of the story collection ‘Pluck out the heart’ by Airawat Publication,Mumbai.There I have contributed 4 stories of dark genre.My story ‘Call of hope’ has been selected for 4th prize in the International Short Story competition Under the aegis of Bharat Awards.

My another passion is working for creating Autism Awareness among masses.

nalini srivastava
The days of uncontrolled control are over,
Patriarchs you have had your term of powerful regime.
You ruled over not just the land and the possessions,
But you craved for unlimited power on minds.
You managed to rule the minds,
But not with love, but out of fear.
You silenced the voice of goddess born on earth to procreate.
You made her a commodity to be bought and sold.
You turned her into a soiled napkin to be thrown away after use.
Yet you gave her fancy names but never the respect she deserved.
Shakti became powerless in your greed and lust.
Looted, tarnished and mocked at…
How long do you think the mirage will last?
@Copyright 2016 Nalini Srivastava
rashmi malapur
All the sham will wither away,
What will remain is the naked and shameful rot of rules,
Made for benefit of some and pitiful self promotion,
Use anger with the sword of reason,
And the rot will repel its own existence,
Endurance is not a ritual,
And love is not to be flaunted on the grave of happiness,
Paraded naked bodies can’t be the pride of our society,
A place hell for woman is set on the path of destruction.
The hurt and humiliation that was gifted to her,
Will boomerang through her womb,
Your derisive laughter on her slaughter will echo in radiance that will kill your false pride
And challenge this weak system.
© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur

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