Life Lessons from Kabir


Kabir Nair is a ten year old boy diagnosed with moderate autism.He is studying in class 5 at Study Hall School in Lucknow. He loves to play cricket and dancing.Writing is his chosen medium of expression when he is upset or too thrilled.
***Unedited version 🙂




Hi everyone. I am Kabir Nair. I am 10 years old. My big cousin sister Honey told me very good life lessons. I learnt the lessons from her, now you all learn from me.

I was having a sad day. Today she told me first and the most important life lesson. I had left my cricket camp in August because there was bullying. She told me that if you desire something with sheer intensity, no one can stop you from fulfilling your desire. If you think that you cannot fulfill your desire then you would not able to fulfill your desire but if you think that you can fulfill your desire then no one can defeat you or stop you from fulfilling your desire.

If someone bullies you he bullies you because he is jealous from you and wants that you get angry, sad and stressed. If anyone bullies you just show that you do not get angry, sad and stressed from his bullying, just do this every time and they will stop bullying you, they will stop bullying you because they bully because you are better from them in some things.

If you get angry, sad and stressed from their bullying they will be happy and again bully you, but if you do not get angry, stressed and sad from their bullying they will get angry and will not bully you again.

Second life lesson is some time people wish that they would have been an animal because animals are stronger than us, if any person had a time machine and gone in past, if they only would hear a voice of Dodo or Dinosaur they would have a cardiac arrest and will die. Animals are stronger than us but we are better than animals. You would think that I am saying a joke but this is truth. Because animals only live for food, see I mean to say that when an animal only catch their prey and eat it then they only rest. We live to settle a good life. We have three most important body parts for life, brain, heart and stomach and for animals their most important body part is stomach. You will laugh very much from my things. But now I will tell you that this is truth. Animal catches its prey and eats it but after eating it only rests, so their food goes in their stomach and so for animal most important body part is stomach. Human uses its brain in doing things, we use heart for feeling emotions and stomach for eating. I mean that animal doesn’t feel and work. Animal only eats and lives for food. On the other side, human lives and makes his personality. Human works from brain, feels the emotions from heart and food goes in stomach. Humans live for everyone not for food. That is why humans are better than animals.

The third life lesson is that think if anyone asks you who are you? I will say that I am a human, I live on earth. Introduction of human is important, but most of the people will say that I am the person to achieve gold in race and say their rewards they have got of their desires but this introduction is wrong. We should not live on desires but there are four lines of poem If. These lines will teach you a lesson. “If you run 60 seconds, in one minute you can have everything on earth Just feel and live every second of your life”. You should live every second of your life, not live on your desire. Fulfill your desire but don’t live on your desire. Live every second in your life.

The fourth and the last life lesson I know is that if somebody is doing wrong don’t let him/her do wrong and don’t do wrong. One time my cousin sister honey had done this only. My cousin sister honey was sitting in taxi with a woman with a baby. The baby of the woman was 2 years old. The woman said to the baby that throw this plastic bottle on road, honey stopped the baby from throwing the bottle on the road and said to the woman that “Have you done MA (It is a board).Woman said yes. Honey said I don’t know which subject you have done but I think that your intelligence is below 2 years. Honey done good work. The slogan for this lesson is Don’t do wrong, don’t let happen wrong.

These are the most important life lessons. Thank you From -Kabir Nair 

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