Guest blogger; In retrospect by Nidhi Popli

img-20151111-wa0144This weekend we have one more awesome writer; Nidhi Popli.

Nidhi says:

“I’m a relatively new writer. Life, in general, and how we choose to deal with it, is what interests me, and what I write about. I am greatly interested in philosophy, spirituality, human behaviour, travelling and music. Having majored in Economics, writing has always been my passion, though grossly neglected so far. It is only recently that I have picked up the pen and started writing what I feel strongly about”.

In retrospect,
you will realise
it is just as well
that when life knocks you down,
there are no willing hands
to help you up again.
It will teach you
to brush off the dust,
and get back up again,
on your own,
stronger and resilient.
And if there are grey skies
clouding your horizon,
you’ll find a way
to blow these clouds away too.

all that is needed
is just a thought
that you are enough
on your own,
and the confidence
that you will find a way
come what may.

How else will you become aware
that you were born to stand apart,
if you were not tested every so often,
and succeeded in graduating
with flying colours,
every time you were tested ?

At such times,
consider yourself blessed.
Not everyone is fortunate enough
to be handpicked by Providence
and placed on the fast track
to salvation,
unless you were considered worthy enough.

© Copyright 2016 Nidhi Popli

2nd November, 2016.


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