A trip of a lifetime; Kushalnagar & Madikeri (Coorg: The Scotland of India)

Cauvery River: In the womb of nature

Rises from Western Ghats at Talacauvery



20161109_08464920161109_084738As the day appears nearing,

And dark shadows subside.

Sit back and unfurl your hair,

And let the cool breeze caress you,

Lighten your worries,

To taste a sip of life,

That is beyond words.

As flowing river Cauvery,

Mesmerises you and the dew drops kiss your feet.

Green lush beauties born from mother Cauvery,

Peep from the fog to play hide and seek with you.

Damsels smiling invite you for a sip of coffee,

Wishing that the journey never ends.

My feet turn to a home,

Where voices don’t invade peace.

Cities far from here,

Maddening voices don’t make you immune and numb.

Love blooms and you simply sit without a thought of plans for  the day,

No thoughts,

Still in the womb of innocence,

This is home indeed.

As I get startled and disconnect from the womb of innocence,

Pushed and frisked by masked faces,

I’m far away from home again.

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur

Clicks as well as content is copyrighted.

I had the time of my life is what I can say about my trip Kushalnagar and Madikeri. Long back my friend mentioned to me about a monastery at Kushalnagar; Golden Temple. I was too eager to visit it and I had been trying to visit this place past 4 years. Thanks to my hubby and friends; Anup and Mahesh it did happen.


It was quite a trip travelling to Kushalnagar from Mumbai. I stayed around 15 kms away from Kushalnagar, which is away from all the noise and distractions. Public transport is rare so most people own vehicles. Kushalnagar is a tourist destination in Coorg district of Karnataka.

In the next post I would be sharing how to reach this place and spots to visit.

I reached Kushalnagar at 6.30 pm and the place where I planned to stay was arranged by my  friend Mahesh who owns this property. This place is immersed in nature, covered with trees and lavish bungalows and modest independent houses popping out from these trees. Its difficult to trace these peaceful adobes.

I am sharing pictures of this place and I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of visiting this place.

20161106_194856.jpgThe stress of travelling for 12 hours dissolved when I reached Mahesh’s bungalow.


Impeccably maintained with all the facilities the peace is serene since the bungalow is cut from the road and a small path takes you there, not a slightest sound disturbs the purity of nature here.


The garden in the veranda of the bungalow is surrounded by colourful, blooming and tempestuous shrubs, flowers, creepers, plants and trees.



20161109_08160620161109_08161920161109_084059.jpg20161109_084639.jpg20161109_08162720161109_08402420161109_08402820161109_08403820161109_084050Heaven for any soul that lives in this home would carry its sweetest memories for a lifetime. Moments spent in this silent abode stay with you forever.

Morning walks are a must:


20161108_06481420161108_06475920161108_06474920161108_064745There is a  magnetic attraction about this place that is enduring due to Cauvery river flowing besides it. As you walk down the lane near the bungalow, you witness an endearing sight, bewitching nature calling to rest for a few moments of solace. You are tempted to stay at the riverside as it is covered with fog and leaves are smothered with dew drops that touch you gently.

20161108_06363720161108_06384020161108_06420920161108_06422620161108_064248_00120161108_064438Network is weak here and so is the access to internet, so you are away from the mad rush and choas and suffocation of the city. You are rooted back to nature that calls you to rest in it’s womb.

Places to visit in Kushalnagar and Madikeri (In the consequent posts I will be writing about these places too. So keep reading.

Golden Temple

Dubare Elephant Camp

Harangi Backwaters


Raja Seat

Abbey Falls


Tala Cauvery

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur


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