Give Life a Chance

Click: Nariman Point, Mumbai. Early morning, happy morning. © Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur

Many of you must be going through tough times. 

Life might seem to be full of pain.Life is a hue of different colours. Sometimes it’s going to bless you with happy moments, while sometimes it will challenge you. 

It’s filled with various shades; love, happiness, sorrow, failure, success, hope, dejection, etc.

Life is never the same. 

So hang on, give life a chance.

It might just be about to give you happy moments and you quit?

Hang on…

If you feel like the below poem, remember it is temporary.


Hurt shakes you completely and you feel abandoned.

You lose confidence in yourself and others too.

It shakes you at a deeper level where you burn yourself into ashes.

Hurt is a destroyer whose seeds are sown by love.

Though, hurt humbles you.

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur


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