Create-Happy New Year

I’am extremely grateful to all my readers. The joy of writing is unparalleled and your appreciation makes me feel fulfilled.

Have a year of happiness, peace, love and may you experience the joy of creating something phenomenal; a change in your own life for your own sake that will make you happy. May this change spread smiles!!!

I love to tear things apart,

Love to destroy everything,

I don’t fear destruction,

Skirmishes and destruction are necessary,

To create something completely new.

Shed your old skin,

Innovation is not like plastic surgery,

Patching and making up,

Creating a new face with old skin.

It’s like a funeral where you burn the present,

And create an unimaginable future.

Innovation isn’t safe, it’s just ruthless.

Change can’t please everyone,

Probably it pleases no one.

But, when you succeed, praises galore.

Voices of insults die,

Shameless as they are, they rejoice,

And applaud your success.

So for the passion of creation,

Be prepared for snide remarks.

Timid never rebel, nor create a new world.

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur



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