Hope II


Image: Ganga Dham, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Image © Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur

Puzzled, he dashed into her,
And he frisked her to reach for the stars,
Smoking opium; the world looked beautiful  and he was fearless,
Battling life, he was abandoned and remembered her innocent eyes.
He chased her down,
Ran for his life,
She stood in the market where she often wandered aimlessly ,
This time he held her tight,
And promised he wouldn’t let her go.

She melted in his arms and murmured,
“You took so long”.
“My time has come. I need to go”.
She whispered life into him,
And lit the flame of hope.
Burnt herself to ashes to lift his spirits.

Singing his away to fame,
Her words turned into songs,
And he sprung from ashes,
To live a life of glory,
Her words reverberated in the air
“I dwell within you”.
Inseparable, angles don’t reside in heaven, they aren’t distant.
You carry them with you,
To spread the message of love and hope to the abandoned ones.

 © Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur


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