Balancing : What is it like when a psychiatric patient challenges the limits?

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Sanity is always at risk when a psychiatric patient wishes to live a normal life. The challenge is not only about being accepted BUT it’s the struggle of facing hostility and lack of empathy.

It’s okay if you suffer from any physical ailment but, if you are challenged with a mental one, it’s unacceptable. You are either branded as ‘mad’ or ‘weak’ or you simply are a nuisance.

What is the real challenge?

The struggle to live a normal life calls for a conflict; if you wish to lead a normal life then don’t expect empathy from anyone for your challenge. You ought to be strong.

Many a times you will collapse and won’t get the needed support. In such times give yourself time and do what you like doing the most. Taking a vacation is not always possible but, unwind. It does help.

Are you suicidal?

Yes, when challenges are immense you might even think of suicide. In a split of a second you might take your life. But, get trained to not loath in self-pity. An outburst of tears might make you feel light but, it kills your resolve and you become weak. Your body refuses to co-operate and even lifting up yourself to move becomes a challenge.

So for a psychiatric patient it’s always a battle not against anyone but, with SELF.

Is marriage a right choice?

Such patients should marry only if they have trained or learnt through the years to pull out of negative thoughts. If you have support and understanding from your life partner things can be handled. But, as your caregiver your partner might also feel exhausted.


It is time that we start educating people around us about psychiatric challenges. Learn to accept and be empathetic. In a society where psychiatric patients are shunned it’s a tough path to walk.


Be careful with whom you share your challenges. Have a few friends who understand, know and accept you just the way you are. They should be available for you and help you look at the positive and practical side of life. Sometimes, when we are too sensitive our vision gets blurred and we fail to face reality. In such times do you have someone who shows you the practical and positive side of life? Build this network of well-wishers.


Counselling is vital. Don’t deny it. For some psychiatric patients medication is a must. Alternative therapies like meditation, Yoga and Reiki have a great effect, though it needs persistence and the effect is slow. Ayurveda and homeopathy also supplement treatment.

Ofcourse, some people will never accept you. So learn to ignore them.

And if your resolve is strong, then everything within and around you changes. Surely, the universe will test you and ultimately co-operate with you. 

© Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur


9 thoughts on “Balancing : What is it like when a psychiatric patient challenges the limits?

  1. Good advice. I especially love that you touched on marriage.

    I know a lot of people going through mental health issues who keep looking for love and relationships as the answer. To me it’s selfish (and this is from someone who has been through depression and suicidal attempts. Happy to say I’m healthy and happy now with no therapy and no pills.)

    I think too often we go into relationships looking at what we can get, and forget that when we have such serious problems we’re casting shadows over other people’s lives.

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  2. I have a mental health diagnosis and found this post to be very helpful. I like to try and push myself past my limits of comfortability so that I can used to doing things that would otherwise make me feel uncomfortable so that I can get practice and not get panic attacks when it is time to do something important or something I want to do but feel like my disability might hold me back. I get nervous around large groups of people which is a fairly new thing for me, within the past couple of years. So I try to go out as much as possible and go out into public place where I might otherwise feel uncomfortable like the grocery store or the department store. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to cope with mental health issues. If you would follow me or check out my blog I would greatly appreciate it. Either way thank you for your inspirational writings. -bel


    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment and sharing your experiences. Yes certainly I will follow your blog and keep reading posts. I’m glad you found my writings useful.
      More than anything I love your candidness…

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  3. Very well written post. As a normal individual yes, we take in to consideration that I am ill and i will recover if I take some medicines or counseling similarly, we all need to understand such diseases brings illness to your psychology and this can be cured as well. If not completely it can be cured to some level and these people deserve all support from us.

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