Regressive: Masculine clothes lead to PCOD?


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For heaven’s sake someone needs to educate Swati Deshpande about PCOD.  Masculine clothes do not lead to PCOD. Yes, Ms. Deshpande, the head of Government Polytechnic College, Bandra (Mumbai, India) has said or rather claimed something bizarre. She has heard that when girls start dressing like men at an early age, they start behaving like them. This is supposed to cause gender role reversals. If this is not enough she adds that their natural urge to reproduce diminishes and consequently they suffer from PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease).

Bingo!!! What an invention?

Does she have any research study attached to this claim? No, she doesn’t.

Let’s be clear, PCOD occurs among young women, because of hormonal imbalance. It has absolutely nothing to do with the way they dress.

Owing to this claim she decides to stop girls from wearing pants and choosing on a dress code or uniform. Girls are told not to tuck in their shirts.

The canteen will have separate sitting spaces for girls and boys to prevent sexual harassment. Since ex-students enter the canteen to create a ruckus, this is the solution that she believes will protect the girls.

If boys or men decide to misbehave, they will do it, irrespective of a woman’s attire. In an age where values are built, educational institutions build the edifice for values that are carried with us throughout our lives. So, it’s time that boys start respecting women and inculcating values to adapt to varied environments.

Students and Ms. Deshpande need to be addressed on various issues:

Clothes do not define the ‘character’of any individual.

Everyone comes from a different background so the way they dress will be different.

Women are not only an object of desire, they are individuals as well and have to be respected.

No one can dictate your choice to dress, behave or think.

It’s absolutely necessary to respect other’s values, ideas and their way of life.

People who indulge in sexual harassment should be severely punished.

Education doesn’t mean acquiring bookish knowledge, it’s purpose is to create a progressive generation in terms of thought and approach.

If these values are inculcated among youngsters, we will create a gender sensitive society.



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