Guest writer/ poet- Vishwas Vaidya

Today’s guest writer / poet is my closest friend Vishwas Vaidya. Initially to me, his poems seemed like one endless chain of romantic melodies. But, as I delved deep into them, re-reading them, each poem bloomed into a spiritual song. Here is one of his poems which I absolutely loved. I have also reviewed his book, ‘Symphony of The Night-flower’ on this blog.

vishwas vaidya

Vishwas is your friendly neighbourhood poet . His poems sound outwardly romantic but, discerning readers can sense a subtle spiritual under-undercurrent flowing through out his lyrics. His book ‘Symphony of The Night-flower‘ is published by Aasra Publications USA and is available on Amazon.

The Destiny’s Darling
If Only , the Destiny
Were little more kind..
You could have been
The breath of my life,
With your smile floating
As a foaming sweetness
On the cup of my life!
But never mind ,
The cruel destiny..
The simmering pathos
Of your separation
Is now floating as
Bitter-sweet medicine
Foaming with lessons of gold,
On the cup of my life!
 © Copyright 2014, All rights reserved, Vishwas Vaidya

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