Sexual Harassment at workplace

Enough is enough!


When a woman or man says this, she or he is probably had enough. But, why in the first place do victims keep mum over the matter for so long? The saddest part of sexual harassment cases at workplace and elsewhere, is that a woman or man feels skeptical if she or he will be believed, let alone be supported. This is because the assaulter more often is powerful and no one would dare to stand by them.

What do they do in such a case. They just shut up, leave the job or avoid a confrontation with the assaulter.

Recently there have been many cases where a victim has voiced her sexual harassment experience with regards to a person, and later on some more women have done the same.

May it be Mahesh Murthy, a prominent Venture Capitalist in India where Rashmi Bansal has spoken about her experience after 13 to 14 years. She revealed her experience after another victim Vamika Iyer spoke up.

Look at the most famed Arunabh Kumar’s case (founder of entertainment network, The Viral Fever- TVF). One by one victims have come forth and shared their encounters with Arunabh. I have heard people voicing concern or rather being insensitive by saying ‘Why didn’t these women speak up before?’

Irrespective of whether Arunabh Kumar or Mahesh Murthy have engaged in these acts, I wish to answer this question.

How do you think a woman or man (victim) feels when she/he is touched inappropriately? Do you think anyone would like to speak about it publicly or share it with anyone? When a victim speaks up, other victims gather the courage to speak and support.

It is the most demeaning, disgusting and creepy feeling. It is rather alarming how we take an individual for granted. In the case of women we say if she steps outside to work, this is the kind of treatment she might get, it’s part of the work environment.

If a woman or man takes time to speak up about how she/he was ill-treated its totally okay. Instead of crucifying her/him for speaking up after many years, and dismissing it as an old matter, why don’t we support them?

Most incidences that come forth in public are sexual harassment cases where women are the victims, but it can be otherwise too.

The day we start respecting women as individuals with rights (and not only responsibilities), stop glorifying qualities like sacrifice, patience and endurance, we will create not only a respectable workforce but, also happy families in the true sense.

© Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur



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