Feminine Musings by Nalini Srivastava


Nalini Srivastava has myriad facets to her personality. A dedicated teacher of English and History and a poet Cum author are her more  known aspects. What many people may not know is that she is a hard core champion of cause of autism awareness  and in general special needs people. A self confessed proud Lucknowite and lover of awadh culture, she wants to publish her poetry compilation in hindi and if possible URDU too. Apart from her recently released poetry compilation FEMININE MUSINGS, her earlier published works include an anthology of stories of Dark genre. Her stories and poems have got published in various national and international anthologies too.

“I became just an object of desire and recreation.

You stamped me as your property.”

‘Iam a female’ is the crux of the book Feminine Musings written by Nalini Srivastava  HYPERLINK ” http://www.amazon.in/Feminine-Musings-Nalini-Srivastava/dp/9383770252 . She reveals the true status of women in our hypocritical world. All the poems reflect varied shades of a woman. In whatever role her individuality is often ignored. Nalini has reflected this fact in beautiful poems and the strongest point of her writing is that all her poems are conversational and relatable.

Whenever you read her poems you get a feeling that she is hitting a conversation with you rather a candid and bold. Her poems are positive and her words seep deep into your heart. Though she shares her fears, trails and tribulations and sorrows all poems have a streak of hope and positivity. May be that is the reason why you get glued to the book.

Once you read the book I can ensure that you would be tempted to read it again. Infact, what I kept wondering is how did Nalini manage to write so many poems about a woman’s varied perspective. I guess that itself proves that a woman has so many unsaid and unexpressed emotions which are buried deep in her. That is the reason why a woman is complex and her character has so many shades.

As a woman she is entwined in various relations and has to understand everyone. Atleast, that is what is expected from her. Nalini voices her thoughts over these aspects of a woman. Often a woman is judged quickly and forgiven rarely.

Nalini though speaks about different aspects of a woman’s life she seems to be high on life and the below lines from her poem ‘In love again’ proves it.

“I do not care, if they refuse to listen to my heart’s voice.

To fall in love with life again is entirely my choice”.

Her love for life and her family gets reflected in her candid poems. Whenever you read her poems it becomes obvious how much a woman in her life. One of her poems the big question is short but hits you hard. Nalini’s poem, ‘The Big Question’ is her musing about the fake nature of relationships in this fast world.

“Why people show false concerns?

Spend some fleeting moments of their togetherness,

And soon, their care is all done!”

The more I delve into her poems and reflect on each one, the more interested you all are going to be in her book. But, I don’t want to spill the beans now, all that I have done is to give you a glimpse of her book ‘Feminine Musings  http://www.amazon.in/Feminine-Musings-Nalini-Srivastava/dp/9383770252 as it’s an absolute treasure and worth reading repeatedly.

Feminine Musings is published by Xpress Publications.com

© Copyright 2017 Rashmi Malapur. All rights reserved.



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