20 Excuses For Not Doing Your Math Homework

Wow!! This is so cute. I loved it!!

Learn Fun Facts

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This is a list I made quite some time ago. Might as well publish it here.

1. Even Galileo didn’t know calculus, so why should I?

2. When I tried to reach my textbook, I could only reach half the distance, then when I tried to reach it again, I could only reach half of that distance, then…

3. I know the proof, but there isn’t enough space to write it in this narrow margin.

4. I was unable to find some logs in our backyard.

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Writer Resolutions For The New Year (And How You Can Achieve Them)

K.M. Allan

As one year draws to a close and a new one begins, we start with fresh eyes and the optimism that this will finally be the year that we achieve what we want, no matter how big or small those goals are.

If you’re a writer, your goals will revolve around putting words on the page. In January, these goals are lofty, hopeful, determined, and most likely unrealistic. All things you will realize by December. You will roll most of the list over to the next year, then the following year, and so on until it’s achieved or you declare that resolutions are lame and you aren’t making them anymore. You will also tick off some of those resolutions and feel smugly successful about it, for example, one of my 2017 goals was to start a blog and I did that. I also finished writing the fourth book in my…

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Click: Nariman Point, Mumbai, India

I need you, where are you?

You seem to be lost,

Or have I let you go?

Everyday I get up with the hope,

That you will come knocking at the door,

And I will welcome you with open arms,

Either you make way to me when I am busy,

Or you just don’t bother for me.

When I sit worried, staring blankly at the sky,

A small bird comes chirping at the window,

And flaps its wings to move around me,

You entered my life suddenly,

Without any signals.

Oh! You have so many messengers,

Friends, strangers, rain or the wind.

You package yourself ,

And I miss you so many times.




Happy New Year

life is simply complicated, distantly near to reality and focused on wandering. (1)This New Year brings a hand full of stars,

That shine to brighten up your life.

It brings dream that you will strive to achieve,

It brings peace within that caresses each moment fearlessly.

Promise that you will love life,

And stray a bit and also be a bit naughty,

Laugh out loudly and give yourself the chance to live differently.

And make your life a brand of ‘happiness’.


Write to me


Image: Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/funny-stress-quotes/

This is the first time ever I have called for my audience to write to me. Any one out there who is battling with stress and mental illness? Share your experience with me here in the comments column or write to me at rashmieye@gmail.com .

How do you tackle your challenge? Do you have any tips to share? How do you feel right now or you’ve been going through a lot and not shared it with anyone?

Share it with me.  Let’s battle this together.

Tips for mental illness patients to handle stress


Uff!! Iam exhausted. This is how Ive felt in the past few days. Totally famished. That is the reason I couldn’t write the poems I promised to.

Here are some tips about how mental illness patients should handle stress?

Take a break-

Just be away from your routine. Take enough time to bounce back and be with your family. Sleep a lot and if possible go for walks and meditate.

Don’t expect people to understand your condition-

Well, you will behave normal but, only you know how you feel and what you are going through. You may be nervous, frightened, scared, over worried, tensed and lose confidence too. Since you are behaving normal, people around will think nothing is wrong with you. BUT, only you know its a camouflage. From within you are battling a hurricane and stopping it from toppling you completely.

PEOPLE will expect that you to engage in all your normal routine and think you are pretending. Just ignore, take rest.

Read humour-

Laugh out loudly, read jokes, humorous books or spend time with friends and family.

Never overthink-

This is an absolute killer. Just divert your mind to something positive and train it to think positive.

Root cause-

As you are resting, ponder on what is troubling you. Only you know your insecurities and reason for stress. Find your own answers, be strong and let nothing affect your mind and disturb it to the extend that stress kills your happiness and productivity.

Joining back work-

When you join back work, avoid too much of it. Take regular breaks and enjoy your work. Don’t take the stress of finishing your targets, that can take a toll on your health again.

Do not care for people who don’t care for you-

There are people who are born to criticize. They don’t see anything positive in ‘you’ or world around. Avoid talking to these people and don’t try to please them. They are the most toxic human beings.

Take your medications regularly and be with people who love humour, are happy and keep smiling 🙂

Light of life


Click: Goa, India

Muffled in her arms,

Nearing nowhere,

Going nowhere,

Chained in sweet caresses,

Exodus of debris,

Inhaling each inch of love,

The night was blooming,

Scented curls,

Teary eyes,

Baffled by her beauty,

It was time to immerse in the sweet joy of love,

Now not a sign of disdain,

Flying away from the gory past,

Joe wasn’t himself anymore,

Struggling to come back to his original self,

In vain, he knew now there is no going back.


Light of hope

20161211_074149Click: Nariman Point, Mumbai, India

Hope in Joe’s eyes,

Now fear dissolved in tears,

Gracefully retiring from worries,

Grabbing each moment with happiness,

Surrounded by hope and love,

Welcoming life with open arms,

Distancing from outer world,

Connecting with self.


To be continued….

Light of hope


Click: Nariman Point, Mumbai, India

He scampered through the darkness,

He had surrendered to fear,

And suddenly a light of hope now had entered his life,

Now light was hurting his eyes,

“Why has this sudden light befallen on me?

I don’t need it in my life.”

He grumbled.

Jose was now being called by open arms,

He shunned the light,

He shunned the arms.

Shook his head fiercely out of disdain,

Caught in the maze of confusion,

Unable to see clearly,

Tears flowed from his eyes,

That reflected his struggle,

Amidst the mist in his eyes,

Tears now cleared his view,

And transpired into a smile.


To be continued….

Light of hope


Click: Juhu, Mumbai, India


Existing for nothing,

Breathing for the sake of existing,

Existence but a compulsion,

Bearing the burden of breath,

Giving life another chance was expensive,

Mundane, morose; eyes soaked in tears; soggy and sloppy,

Yelling at the sky, a howl that deafens,

A cry that goes unheard,

Hands tied by the rope of dead dreams,

Then a smile lightened up life,

A hum that silenced the howl,

A voice muffled by love,

Life entered with the dancing delight called love