I crave…

Parul Joshi writes

Eternally Elite...

I crave for peace,
peace of mind,
peace of soul,
peace within,
but wherever I go,
follows the unavoidable train of pain inflicting thoughts that wouldn’t let me be serene.

I crave for solitude,
a haven to breathe,
to open my arms,
to absorb,
to break free,
yet the very isolation creeps me,
frightening me with a ghastly vision.

I crave for silence,
silence amidst chaos,
silence that calms the disorder,
yet the very silence deafens me,
the sound of the silence buzzing incessantly,
buzzing noisily in agitation.

I crave and I crave,
Yet what I crave creates
a cobweb of cravings which
push me down deeper in the well of
yearnings and cravings within.

And so I still crave…

Parul Joshi (Copyright)

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Bonding with self


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From the beginning till the end,

It all moves in a circle,

Being what I am, is believing what I am

From the moments of struggle to the moments of solace,

Being is believing.

As a door of a moment closes another one opens,

Passing equanimously through the string of moments,

Seems a challenge.

The moment of union is like a mirage,

The chase of which ends in the bonding with self.

A Curious Form Of Poetry: Univocalic Poems

Learn Fun Facts


Regular readers of Learn Fun Facts may already be familiar with lipograms. In today’s post, I’ll talk about another form of lipogrammatic constrained writing called univocalic.

French author Georges Perec published a 300-page lipogrammatic novel La disparitionin 1969. The entire novel did not contain the letter “e”. It seemed that he was saving up all the letter “e’s” for his following work,Les revenentes(1972), wherein he used no vowel but the letter “e”. This type of constrained writing is known as univocalic.

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The Tragedy of A Relationship


In August 2000, Ravi Shankar’s first wife, the reclusive surbahar virtuoso Annapurna Devi, did her only interview in 60 years with me in which she spoke about her torturous marriage and the tragic life of their son Shubho. Originally published in Man’s World, it was rediscovered by a journalist in December 2012 after the demise of Pandit Ravi Shankar. Since then, the story of Annapurna Devi has gone viral logging in over 10k Likes on Facebook and 900 shares. It’s an amazing, unforgettable story of a rare modern-day musician mystic.

In the Hindustani classical music fraternity, Annapurna Devi’s genius is part of a growing mythology. The daughter of the great Ustad Allauddin Khan, the sister of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and the divorced wife of Pandit Ravi Shankar, she is considered to be one of the greatest living exponents of both the surbahar and the sitar.

The tragedy is that…

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CINEFORUM: “Fai bei sogni”

words and music and stories

fai bei sogni

Massimo ha nove anni quando muore la sua adorata madre, a causa di un ‘ infarto improvviso ‘,  gli dicono i parenti, che sembrano tuttavia tenergli celato qualcosa.
Prima di diventare un giornalista affermato, Massimo trascorre un’infanzia solitaria e un’adolescenza difficile, segnato da quella perdita e sempre avvolto in una cortina di sofferenza.
Solo alla fine di un doloroso percorso di avvicinamento alla verità scoprirà com’erano andate esattamente le cose, e troverà il modo di ritrovare la serenità.
All’inizio, il contesto è quello di una Torino dei tardi anni ’60, con immagini in bianco e nero della Tv di quel periodo, quasi a fornire un supporto al tessuto della memoria. Appare spesso il personaggio di Belfagor, protagonista dello sceneggiato che Massimo guardava insieme alla madre, e che diventa una specie di amico, una voce interiore da cui si sente protetto. Per non lasciarsi risucchiare in un tunnel di angoscia, si…

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Krishna’s Dwarkadhish temple to Sudama Setu: Pictorial tour of Dwarka

Road to Divinity...

After becoming a Krishna devotee since last few years, I, obviously, developed a keen interest to visit Dwarka. It so happened that just recently I told my parents about my wish to visit the holy place at least once. And just one or two days later, I get a mail informing that I, along with few other bloggers, was selected for a trip to Dwarka. Was this a mere co-incidence?

The trip was a part of a bloggers’ review program for Mercure Dwarka hotel, which was inaugurated in the town of Gujarat in August this year. We landed at Porbandar airport and reached Dwarka in a drive of around 90 minutes. The place can also be reached from Jamnagar airport in little over two hours.

Sudama-Setu Sunset captured from Sudama Setu in Dwarka

Dwarka is located at the western end of Gujarat on the shore of Arabian Sea. It is…

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Working remotely and WordPress VIP: WordPress Meet

IMG_20170921_180214.jpg21st September, 2017 WordPress Meet at Blue Host/ Endurance International

Iam just 2 meetings old in the WordPress community and if you ask me how has it been so far? I would say it’s been resourceful and an enjoyable experience. The best part of these meets is that they are voluntarily organized by some WordPress enthusiasts like Alexander Gounder, Jayman Pandya and others.

So what was in store at this meet, which was held at Endurance International office at Nesco, Goregaon West, Mumbai, India? We had two speakers Mussanif (who replaced Stephane Boisvert – Lead of VIP Support for Automattic, as he couldn’t make it) and Karen Arnold, Head of Happiness Hiring for Automattic.

He discussed about the present and future scope of WordPress. Why it is referred to as the operating system of the web?

He discussed about WordPress VIP Services .

This service is meant for a particular category of businesses and people. When the traffic on the website is massive, often security becomes an issue. For such blogs or websites WordPress has introduced with VIP services. Some of their clients are Indian Express and Justine Trudeau, the honourable Prime Minister of Canada.

This service can be used by Product and Services’ companies and for personal branding purpose too. It also breaks the perception of WordPress being a blog host company. WordPress is primarily known as a platform for blogging but, this service makes efforts to convey to its audience that WP is more than just a blogging platform.

It gives opportunity to big corporates to have their website on WordPress.

The discussion then digressed a bit to Gutenberg- an editor/ plugin that aims at building and adding more flexibility and customization while writing posts. It is an opensource, built by contributors / volunteers.

Then Karen Arnold took over the discussion; she spoke about the challenges and opportunities of working remotely. As a matter of fact the entire Automattic team works remotely.

Karen said that according to research studies if people work remotely there are lesser chances of them quitting their jobs. It may seem that working remotely is fine for a team of less than 50 people. But, surprisingly Automattic team constitutes of 611 people and everyone works remotely. I found that totally exciting since I am a freelancer I work remotely too.

It has its pros and cons, which Karen spoke about and I could relate to the entire presentation.

Challenges of working remotely

1)Business challenges:

  • Communication:

You don’t communicate much with your team in person.

  • Culture and value:

It’s tough to define the culture of a company where the team is working remotely (the team doesn’t meet and interact in person).

  • Monitoring the team:

It’s a challenge to monitor the team and how would you know the productivity of each team member? Employees need to be self-motivated if they are working remotely.

So, Automattic has a six-week long trial process before hiring anyone.

2) Challenges faced by the team:

  • The team doesn’t meet at all:

So, they don’t see each other working; they need to be self-motivated.

  • Focusing:

How would you focus on your work as there are so many things that tend to distract you while wroking from home? But, at Automattic everyone is catching up with timelines as there is a system where teams discuss their progress through different tools.

  • Language barrier:

Most of the communication happens in English but, it might be tough for some people who don’t speak English.

  • Feeling alone:

When you work remotely; may be from home or in a travel van like Karen does, you tend to feel alone. You miss the excitement that is a part of offices where colleagues meet everyday and bond.

  • Never leaving the house:

You might feel irritable and less excited while working as your are bound to your home all day. You don’t leave your house environment and step out. That could be a challenge, isn’t it and can be called as ‘Cabin fever’.

You don’t know if you, ‘Work at home or live at work’.

I could relate to each of these challenges but, let me tell you if you are passionate about your work and the projects that you work on, these things don’t matter. Yes, at times you may feel bogged down by these challenges but, as Karen suggested you can make it a habit to go out for strolls in the morning, evening and take a tiny break in the afternoon to watch TV or read something. All in all, its different kind of fun.


  • Ideal work environment:

Employees are happy because they can work from preferred location; home, coffee shop, while travelling, co-working space, etc.

  • Flexibility:

You can change what you want in the environment where you work unlike, when you work from the office.

  • Diversity:

People from across the globe form the team. There are no boundaries; you have a diverse team to work with, isn’t that exciting?

  • Menos Gastos:

It might seem you are saving on lot of resources especially financial resources, yes, that is true. But, when you meet once in a year, to get together the entire team at one place is quite a cost. So, eventually it’s a trade-off between spending money on an office or on better things like meeting up with your colleagues once a year, communicating and having fun.

How to make remote working a success?

  • Communication:

To improve your communication with the team use a lot of tools, share what you have been working on regularly (atleast once a week), skills what you have been working on and the challenges faced.

  • Location:

Choose the right place to work depending on the work at hand. If you have a conference call or skype call be prepared for it a day in advance. You cannot be travelling or be in a noisy place if you are on a call.

  • Preparation for the day:

Be prepared for the day, use a notebook to make notes about the day’s schedule. Karen said something interesting, she notes down things that she has finished doing so she knows her progress and how much more she got to work on. Iam doing this today and I think it works well 😊

  • Movement:

Get up and move away from your laptop, take breaks; this refreshes you.

List of companies that provide opportunities for freelancers:







The next WordPress Meet is happening on 30th September, 2017 at Endurance International from 10am to 5pm. Its called the WordPress Global Translation Day #GWTD3. Its an opportunity where you can translate for WordPress from English to regional Indian languages.

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