About me


Writing is a passion and an incomparable joy. Passion changes your life completely and nothing else matters when you pursue your passion. A day without scribbling a few words seems to be incomplete.

Though poetry (Click here to know about my poetry publications) is my first love, I love blogging too.

Here is how I drifted from marketing to research and then to content writing. I post graduated in Business Management and enjoyed being in the field of marketing for almost two years. I strongly believed I could write well, so took the plunge into writing in 2007. Based in Mumbai then, my first assignment in the field of writing was as a Research Associate for ICFAI Business School (IBS). Here I wrote case studies, articles, research papers and book reviews for the journals and magazines published by ICFAI Business School. After working for two and half years for them suddenly the department was discontinued and I had to scout alternate opportunities for writers.

While working with IBS I had realised that Google is a treasure trove. You could find almost everything on it. It can support your writing endeavours in innumerable ways but, the key to creative and unique writing is imagination, which your own. I searched for ‘Opportunities for writers’ and found something called ‘Content Writing’. At that time I was planning to move to Pune and found a job at Ayush Software, Pune in December 2010. My Content Head, Sneha picked me for SEO writing at a time when I knew nothing about it.  The only thing that made me happy was that I am going to be writing. I learnt that SEO writing can be interesting when you focus less on the keywords and more on creating unique writings.

I then worked moved to work as a Freelance Content Writer in August 2012. The challenges of being a Freelancer are immense and you get lured into doing a full time job just for the remuneration. Resisting these temptations I have been in freelancing for four years. It has been a drop dead interesting journey due to the expanse of projects that I have worked on.







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