Review: ‘Bare thoughts’ by Lavanya Nukavarapu

About Lavanya:

One fine day, poems and stories spoke to her and her journey as a writer started from 2017; before that, she never wrote a single word neither did she dream to be a writer. And now a single day does not go without scribbling a few words. She believes life is like this, full of surprises, unexpected turns and new horizons waiting to be explored every day. She considers herself pretty much a heathen in the writing world. She is also a published author, and when she is not writing, she likes to travel and dance.

I came across a one liner on Facebook and found it impressive because, such a profound thought was put forth in simple words, directly without unnecessary ornamental words. I got curious about the writer. This profound thought was penned by Lavanya Nukavarapu.

As days passed by, I got hooked to these one liners by Lavanya. I had been waiting for her to publish a book and when her book released, I immediately bought it- I knew I am going to relish each one of her poems.

And it turned out just the way I had expected it to be- it was an absolute joy reading her book. True to the title of the book, ‘Bare thoughts,’ most of the poems are honest expressions of myriad emotions in few words with a clarity as to what she wants to convey to the reader? I would say there are three main aspects in her poems: honesty, brevity and introspectiveness. When a writer or poetess has clarity of thought these three aspects are bound to be the essence of her writing.

As you read poem by poem a common underlying thread is observed or rather felt throughout the book. It is ‘hurt and pain.’ But, mind you at no point of time there is an element of weakness that is revealed through the hurt and pain expressed in the poems. Each poem comes out as a powerful expression of individuality and the stubbornness to move on in life.

The most significant poem in the book that shuns weakness is the poem ‘Scars.’ Though the poem speaks about the boundless and bottomless pit of pain and seems to be dark – it ends in a manner that reveals the strength and stubbornness to overcome the hurt and pain, to give a befitting reply not through vengeance but by not giving into the pain.

I would want to share the last line of the poem ‘Scars’:

“I remind myself, I was not meant to hide my scars,
I was meant to be a war cry, the roars of roars.”

Now you see what I meant? Doesn’t it just hit you hard with the power packed words and expressions?
This power is bewitching and is present in almost all poems.
The poem preceding ‘Scars’ is the poem ‘Bare’.

Just midway through the book Lavanya reveals the purpose of all the poems. The purpose is to put forth her emotions naked and bare, without any pretence, no fear and with no resistance to express the truth.

Another poem that makes your belief stronger in her power and individuality is the poem ‘Stream.’

“Let her be what she is,
Don’t be afraid to lose her,
For she is the stream,
And she will find her way to the ocean”

These few words encompass everything a woman craves for – to be accepted just the way she is. Infact, each one of us would love and appreciate freedom as no one can deny the fact that freedom is precious and valuable in everyone’s life.

Another poem that expresses the necessity of preserving one’s individuality is “I did not come this far.”
The last lines are:

“The only way to have all of me is to let me be and love the way I am.”

A special mention of a short poem “Firefly”:

“She was a firefly trapped in a jar.
I had to just open the lid.
She became radiance.”

Some of the poems are so intensely expressed in the most succinct way possible like the poem “Chandelier” and “Mocking Silence.”

The book also touches on various aspects of our life. One such poem is called “City and Me”, which is a reflection city life. It is about how we live in circumstances where we ought to protest about many things happening in the city but, we seldom revolt as we have become immune to our surroundings thus, resisting change.

‘Why’ is my favourite poem because, it puts in simple words the redundancy of most of our feelings and actions. Lavanya’s words are sharp like a sword cutting through the conscience of the reader:

“And lastly when death is the final destination,
Why are we so much attached to life?”

As a tribute to her readers Lavanya writes the poem ‘Crumbs’ where she puts forth her feeling about how she would like to be remembered by her readers:

“When I cease walking, I will be the breeze;
Blowing and settling next to the reader,
Laughing and crying with them.”

All in all, it has been a wonderful experience reading ‘Bare thoughts’ for Lavanya’s knack of moving her readers through her bold and direct way of sharing her thoughts.

As a reader you might unearth different aspects of her poems, something that I haven’t fathomed into, share your thoughts with me true to the spirit of her writing- ‘bare’.

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Short film: ‘Enough’ by Sanjay Mathew

Sanjay Mathew speaks about his short films ‘Enough’ that I reviewed on my blog earlier and ‘Lonely Couple’s First Kiss.’

best film -enough 1

1) What inspired you to make this short film (Lonely Couple’s First Kiss) and why did you choose this topic?

A similar incident happened with my friend. She went into the woods on the insistence of her boyfriend without realising the danger lurking in the darkness. While her boyfriend ditched her and ran away, she was saved by a Good Samaritan. She was lucky but many others have not been so lucky. Youngsters today crave for adventure. Parents must keep a tab of their kids’ whereabouts at all times.

That’s we decided to make a short film highlighting this issue.

2) I reviewed your film ‘Enough’- it was based on how our society treats women. You picked a social issue earlier and in this short film too you chose a social issue. Do you think movies are a medium to comment and make people aware of burning issues in the society?

Films have the biggest influence on people, more than any other medium. Movies are a reflection of the society and vice versa. So as filmmakers we have a responsibility at hand and we better present the correct picture. All my short films subjects  have been inspired by real life incidents.I have written such beautiful romantic scripts but finally end up making bloody gory films.

enough 4.jpeg

3) What excites you about movie making?

  Just being on the location gives me goosebumps. The complete process of filmmaking is so uncertain yet exciting. Writing a script, finding a producer, getting all the technicians and actors on board and then being told that the film has been shelved can be unsettling but it is this unsettling factor that drives me the most. No other business teaches you macro management, more than movies. One has to have a Plan B and a Plan C as most of the times Plan A goes for a toss.

4) How is shooting for Ad films different from short films?

The process remains the same, including technicians, preproduction, production and post production. The difference would be in the number of days of shoot and the magnitude of production. The recipe for a smooth production is to get the right people with the right temperament on board. If one gets this aspect right, then it doesn’t matter what you shoot or where you shoot.

enough 3.jpg

5) When can we expect a feature film from you?

 I will be rolling my feature film titled ‘Avani’ this year. Its a feature version of my short film ‘;Enough‘.

For years women have fought across the world for equality. Women are at par with men. Not more. Not less but at par. Yes! Only at Par but unfortunately in a man’s world, being “At Par” with men is denied. But the struggle continues.

As different women in different parts of the world fight for it- our Avani – the main protagonist of this film is one such fighter. Not only does she believe in equality but believes in fighting a war for justice.

This movie sends out a strong message about stereotyping women and not testing her patience. She is a lover but also can be a killer if you push her too far!!!

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Review: Dosti Ke Side Effects

Click courtesy : Zee Music

Friendship is two-edged sword, it can destroy you or slit your enemy’s throat. That is exactly what the film ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’ speaks about. What strikes you about the film is the element of suspense that grips you especially in the first half.

Ranveer (Vikrant Anand), Shristi (Sapna Choudhary), Avni (Anju Jadhav) and Gaurav (Zuber Khan) are best friends – their friendship is rock solid and they stay resolute / committed in all circumstances. Infact, they are childhood friends but lose touch. They face challenging situations in life and reveal their respective stories to each other when they meet after many years in college.

Ranveer is abandoned by his father- Dharamveer (Sai Ballal) who is a politician and his only ambition and motive in life is vengeance. While Shristi is also driven by vengeance. Her father, is an honest academician and his image is tarnished due to a racket in which he has been falsely framed/ trapped. Shristi loses her father as he cannot withstand the insult and humiliation.

As for the other two- Avni and Gaurav, life has been just pretty comfortable.

Click courtesy : Facebook page of ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects.’

Now, the first twist in the movie comes when Gaurav contests for college elections opposite Ranveer. Avni and Shristi realize that it’s a do or die situation for Ranveer who lives with the ambition of becoming a politician to take revenge from his father Dharamveer (Sai Ballal). But, to their utter disbelief Gaurav wins. Ranveer in desperation tries to kill Gaurav.

Now we are half way through the movie.

The second half swings from one end to another and the audience is left guessing who should be trusted as an honest soul in the movie. Each character keeps changing intentions and plans. It gets rather confusing for the kind of audience, which prefers less complicated story lines.

But, this itself has an element of suspense as we are left guessing till the end about their next response. Except for Sapna’s character, which is stable, all the three characters are unpredictable.

What happens to their friendship? Do they ever come together as friends or stay divided?

Click courtesy : Facebook page of ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects.’

When the movie begins the screen goes blur or rather smudged – quite a unique way to capture a pub location and the full credit of this manifestation goes to the cinematographer/ Director of Photography – Anil Akki. Throughout the movie the scenes could create an impact due to the impressive camerawork of Anil Akki. He has a rather unique way of capturing each frame. I have always believed that Anil has the talent to capture each scene in a rather different way that conveys exactly what the director wants to express to the audience. He is one cinematographer who works totally in sync with the director. His skill lies in making the actors comfortable with the camera.

It was great to see how producers ‘Share Happiness Films’ supported a comparatively young and promising star cast. Bollywood audiences would now expect unique scripts and stories from them.

Hadi Ali Abrar the director is bang on in some scenes – like the first scene and when the movie breaks into the interval. Hadi Ali Abrar has a knack of capturing only the essential parts of the story at vital junctures and avoids revealing a lot to the audiences, which maintains the suspense.

The writer Reena Daniel and Pankaj Uniyal (Screenplay) has woven an interesting suspense story around the theme of friendship- the kind of story that the gen now would love to watch and can relate to. Supporting the story line are the dialogues by Aleena Chouhan and Bilal Qureshi as they create the impact at crucial moments.

Music by Altaaf Sayeed and Manny Verma sounds young, trendy and peppy. The lyricist Deepak Noor has penned the songs well.

I would make a special mention about the background score, which is impressive and amplifies the essence of each scene.

Anju Jadhav who looks meek right from the beginning and behaves dumb has other shades too. Anju is convincing as an actress and emoted all the shades, may it be as an innocent and dumb girl or as one with a twisted mind.

In the first half Vikrant Anand looks weak in his acting skills but, he covers it up all in the second half. The way he faces the camera and emotes in the second half makes you ignore the fact that he wasn’t too convincing in the first half. As for Zuber Khan his comfort level with the camera is obvious. He ought to accept some meaty roles in future.

The strongest of all is Sapna Choudhary – her character (Shristi) comes out as a dynamic, powerful and bold girl who is ambitious yet grounded and just. Sapna looks confident and that is her strongest point as an actress.

Her Haryanvi accent creates the added punch to her character. Sapna misses no opportunity to impress the audience with her sincere acting skills and it is obvious that she has given her best.

But from now on in her journey as an actress, her challenge will be to not make it obvious to the audience that she is putting in that extra effort as an actor. A few movies down the line she should be or rather in my opinion will be an effortless actress.

Sai Ballal in the role of Dharamveer- the cut throat politician is intense and supporting his overwhelming personality is his heavy voice, which he modulates perfectly and creates the necessary aura of a seasoned politician.

Without him the movie wouldn’t have created the necessary impact.

Vaishnavi Mahant as Shristi’s mother is perfect in the role of a troubled, yet a rock solid mother who brings up her child in challenging circumstances. It would have been great if she would have got some more screen time in the movie.

Neel Motwani as Manveer – a spoilt brand with a sly mind, depicts the role of a typical Bollywood villain. It would be great to see him in the role of a subdued intense villain in his future projects.

Kushi too justified her bit in the role of Dharamveer’s daughter but she could have got some better moments on screen.

Should I watch the movie?

If you are a movie buff you should watch the movie for the storyline and the concept. The movie has its flaws but, has some interesting moments too. If you are a Sapna Choudhary fan it’s a must watch- as she looks promising.

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Dosti Ke Side Effects

dosti ke side effects 1

Courtesy: Zee Music Company

I spoke about ‘III Smoking Barrels’ and the cinematographer of the movie Anil Akki .


Anil has two movies lined up for release. One of them is ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’, which is a total entertainer.

Cast and crew of the movie:

Cast : Haryanvi dancer & the lady from the ‘Big Boss’ fame Sapna Chaudhary, Vikranth Anand, Zuber K Khan, Anuj Jadhav , Sai Ballal ,etc 

Directed by Hadi Abrar.

Produced by Share Happiness Films

Anil Akki talks about his work and the film ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’.

Rashmi: What is the movie about and when is it set to release?

Anil: The movie is about 4 childhood friends and its based in North India. The movie is set to release this Friday, 8th February.

Rashmi: What really appeals you about the movie?

My previous film ‘III Smoking Barrels’ was a pure art house cinema and was based in North East. It took 3 years to complete this movie. The director and the producer of the movie were amateurs.

But, ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects’ is out and out Bollywood commercial film and the director of the movie has prior experience in directing commercial films. The movie was completed within 5 months. The entire cast and crew has experience of working on a commercial movie.

Rashmi: What was the most challenging part of shooting this movie?

dosti ke side effects 2.jpg

Anil: The biggest challenge was to complete the movie within the determined time period- on schedule

It was a tough task to handle the entire shooting with a 3 camera setup. I worked as a Director of Photography (DOP) where I am shooting with multiple cameras along with other shooting accessories.

Rashmi:  Personally, what kind of movies do you like to shoot- commercial movies or low budget subject-oriented films?

I personally like to do all type of movies. This was the main reason I chose to be a cinematographer, so that I can do all kinds of movies. Every movie is a challenge until we complete the project.

dosti ke side effects 4.jpg

Rashmi: When you set to shoot a scene what is one thing that is in your mind – how much of the director’s view affects your work?

In any movie the director plays a vital role and having a clear vision is imperative for every director. Only then will he be able to explain and define what he expects from us. We can focus on photography due to his/her clarity.

Rashmi: Which is the next movie that is set to release and can you share a bit about it with our readers?

Anil: My next movie is a Marathi film called ‘TI & TI’, shot in London, due to release on 8th March, 2019.

I wish luck and success to the entire cast and crew of the movie.

‘Purdah’: A film by Jeremy Guy

jeremy guy

Image – Courtesy:

I was just browsing through the net and came across this amazing documentary called ‘Purdah’ directed by Jeremy Guy. I loved his work for the clarity and cinematography that connects the characters to provide them a level of comfort, so that they can be candid and express themselves without any inhibitions. I thought of asking him if he could share his thoughts on movie making with us.

Iam so happy Jeremy agreed instantly. Thank-you so much Jeremy!!!


Jeremy Guy is an award winning director and cinematographer living in Los Angeles. His work includes a wide variety of projects including narrative feature films, major television shows, and independent documentaries.

Many of these projects have played at prestigious film festivals including the Cinequest Film Festival, the Dallas International Film Festival, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and countless others around the world.







Purdah is a movie of a Muslim family living in Mumbai. How did you come across this family? Did you research or read a lot about the culture in Indian Muslim families?
I was working in India at the time during the World Cup in 2011. We were interviewing lots of people during the World Cup and luckily came across Kaikasha during our interviews.
When I heard her say that she thought she was the only Muslim girl playing at all of Shivaji Park, I immediately wanted to know about her.
She eventually introduced us to her family and we realized that we needed to make a film about her whole family, particularly the women in her family, since they all had hopes and dreams for their careers and futures that could be derailed by their father’s conservative beliefs.
Did you research or read a lot about the culture in Indian Muslim families?
I actually didn’t spend much time doing what one would consider traditional research on this film, the way some historical documentaries might have to spent countless hours in libraries or buried in history books.
Rather, I spent lots of time learning as much as I could about the Mirza family over several months. We had a really great, small, knowledgeable crew and any time there was anything I might have a question about, I would ask my fellow crew members or even the Mirza family, but even those occurrences were seldom since the Mirza family explained so much in their interviews.
It felt as though the camera was following the girls on the street of Mumbai without their knowledge. How did you manage this? The real life characters were candid and comfortable. How did you manage to make them feel so comfortable?
The girls always knew we were with them. We actually did this several times, so perhaps it was just them feeling comfortable with the camera around them that you were noticing.
We had to develop a relationship with everyone in the film and we did this by filming with Kaikasha and her family several times a week over the first few months until they felt really comfortable.
I did notice that when Kaikasha was with her friends that she felt most comfortable and confident in front of the camera, which makes sense in a lot of ways. Also, we spent a long time trying to convince the entire Mirza family that we were trustworthy and just wanted them to tell their story and I think we earned that trust with all of the time we spent with them.
purdah 6
Is there any message you wanted to convey through the documentary?
I don’t necessarily intend to convey one specific message in films normally, but I think the film communicates a lot of different ideas and information that could hold different interpretations for each viewer.
I know that being from the U.S., getting to know the Mirza women’s story really opened my eyes to what women like Kaikasha, Saba, and Heena all had to go through in order to have a career or follow their dreams.
I knew that this type of story would inform a lot of people in the West like me, who probably aren’t fully aware of the struggles of women like the Mirzas. I think that spreading this type of information via a story about a sympathetic family of women would probably be my goal with this film.
Purdah 3 .jpg
How did you get into film making and why do you love this craft? What inspires you about film making and keeps you going despite all the challenges?
I wanted to make films ever since I was kid and found it to be incredibly fun and fulfilling. I was always intrigued by actually making a living doing something so enjoyable, so I pursued it through college and even graduate school, and then eventually joined the film and television industry.
Other films continue to inspire me, as do real life stories that I think would make good films. Also, just hearing about how Purdah has moved people is an incredible motivator.
The film took about 8 years to get to this point and we encountered countless challenges along the way since we were a low budget, independent documentary, but hearing that people are so touched by Purdah really makes it all worthwhile.
Would you like to do a mainstream commercial film. Why? Are you working on a film presently?
I would love to do a mainstream commercial film. I’ve directed scripted short films and types of projects, as well as been the cinematographer on some more commercial projects, but I have yet to have the opportunity to direct a scripted feature film.
Perhaps Purdah will help lead to that opportunity. I have been working on a lot of projects as a camera operator and cinematographer over the last few years, but in terms of projects that I am developing, I have some projects in the early stages, but I’m also hoping to find some really good collaborators who want to make the next project.
Please release the movie in India as the audiences here would love to see something that they can relate to.
I’m sure Purdah will be released in India, though I can’t say exactly when since that’s up to our distributor. If you follow along at our website or social media accounts, we will be sure to update them whenever we release in new countries or on different platforms.


Sharing it from Luisa Zambrotta’s blog- Words and Music and Stories. I love her blog!!

words and music and stories

edgar_degas_-_in_a_café_- Edgar Degas (1875/1876) – L’Absinthe

“No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.”

“Nessuna droga, neppure l’alcol, causa i mali fondamentali della società. Se cerchiamo la fonte dei nostri problemi, non dovremmo testare la gente per la droga, ma piuttosto per stupidità, ignoranza, avidità e amore per il potere.”

“Aucune drogue, même pas l’alcool, ne provoque les maux fondamentaux de la société. Si nous recherchons la source de nos problèmes, nous ne devons pas tester les gens pour des drogues, nous devons les tester plutôt pour la bêtise, l’ignorance, la cupidité et l’amour du pouvoir.”

P.J. O’Rourke – American political satirist and journalist.

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Pun of the Weak: Riddles


Learn Fun Facts


Q: How can a cheetah change its spots?
A: By moving.

Q: The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place.
A: 2.718281828…

Q: The maker doesn’t need it, the buyer doesn’t want it, and the owner doesn’t know he has it. What is it?
A: Windows Firewall.

Q: What travels around the world but stays in one corner?
A: Airplane Toilet.

Q: Which animal has a tail between its eyes?
A: A cat licking its rear.

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Travel beyond words

Meet Apeksha Naik, our guest writer and she will be sharing her writings with us regularly. I love the way she writes, expresses and emotes.

apeksha naik ref harry alexander

Apeksha Naik says:

“I have been interested in writing since ancient time. Writing for me always meant that I could express my thoughts and pen them down. I have been fascinated with nature and I am a passionate Nature lover, therefore most of my writings have a link to nature. I am finishing my 12th grade. I am dauntless, sensitive 17-year-old girl eager to learn more about the bizarre world. ”

apeksha naik 1 ref harry alexander

“Words are free! It is how one may use that will cost them.” Words are strong, words are polite but the way it is expressed gives the real meaning to it. The way one says ‘anger’ gives anger a character and that character can change from tone to tone.

Words simply put down on paper are just simply alphabets grouped to form something, but when human voice is infused in it they have a deeper meaning, which is recognized by the expression! I attend Bhagvada Gita classes and the guru who teaches me is a role model to me in some ways. The way he expresses and conveys messages are so authentic! This is because his expressions just fulfill the meaning and the words then come with real power and meaning. Words aren’t really necessary for expressing a feeling. The emotion which is reflected on the face is enough for understanding the hidden secret which is buried deep down a person. So when a friend is trying to express something they don’t have to say it! Guess why? This is simply because one who understands the friend can definitely not require words.

It is surprising sometimes that people are so ignorant that they don’t realize what is going around them! Life is really surprising when it unfolds itself. The way words come out in certain situations and some take it to their heart and keep it there for a while and some let it go. Words come like an arrow and shoot at the right place and if it is the heart then it becomes difficult for the person to recover from those harsh words imposed on them! But sometimes people also remember the way a few words completely changed their life. Words said at the right time has a lot of effect! It can help a stressed person to be completely relieved and so on and also be a motivation to some. Freedom is like flying like a free bird! This is simply a statement but through a different perspective it might mean a lot to the other person. Sometimes words are better situated in th mouth and mind itself because sometimes it diminishes and destroys the world also!

I just want to drift from this topic a little and walk on a tangent! Just imagine when a child has lost its mother in the crowd and suddenly it realizes it. The expression of happiness changes into insecurity and that expression isn’t possible to put down in words. The feeling again when the child can see her or his mother is so happy! Happy isn’t really the emotion felt by that child it is way beyond that five letter word. When that character is infused to that word then it has this persona and so when one says HAPPY everything around feels so positive and light everything feels like it is full of zeal and zest! That voice which is attached to certain words stay that way. Say when one was a student and the teacher said something really good say a word the tone and the expression the teacher had reveals the meaning of the word and sometimes it is just not erasable. So one just keeps that in mind and next time hears the word then remembers how it was said and expressed.

The biggest problem these days we face is that when one is listening one doesn’t listen for the sake of understanding the issues and generating ideas to solve it instead they are focusing on listening to reply and answer back and get their thing right. Never express your anger one should always explain it and then the door of solutions would open instead of arguments! Listen to the birds call in the morning it is in a rhythm with a beat and some harmony. If we all could just understand that words are also just like that, but when a person expresses it with emotions they really mean it, I would just like to end by saying that like when we make food the ingredients are so very essential and obviously in proportion! So even when we speak we should keep in mind that words are also just like serving food in a platter some are sweet like a rasgulla, spicy like a mirchi, and sour like the emli, but how we mix the ingredients and make food out of it that’s the way we should deal with words in life! Mix them and make a beautiful dish out of it!

© Copyright 2018 Apeksha Naik All rights reserved

My ebook; Positive Sutra: Life says, “Never give up.”

I have finally released my ebook and its available on Kindle. I wish to share with you why I decided to publish this book. I am sure you will enjoy reading it. 🙂



Abandoned on the road of love, without a destination

Let the pain not relieve, for it transforms into beautiful poems.


The book will be called ‘Positive Sutra: Life says never give up!!!’


I took to writing this book with the aim of reaching out to people who have faced depression or immense emotional challenges. We often get hovered by spiral of negative thoughts to get pulled into depression. The force of negativity kills energy within us and replaces it with mental lethargy. Sometimes even walking a few steps to pick up a glass of water or grab a newspaper becomes a herculean task. Our will power is weak and we only see the negative aspect of life.

Only positive thinking can pull us out of this spiral.

The book has poems that date back to the years when I have gone through moments of stark darkness and disappointment. And to each dark poem there is a poem reflecting the positive attitude towards life that I hold today.

This collection of poems is divided in two parts, first being Aikya: Nirvana & dispelling of negativity and second being Smaran: Fragrance of Times.


Aikya means unity or oneness. A spurt of laughter often wets our eyes. In humour is reflection of sorrow, and pain. A transition from sorrow to happiness and back again, is all one; a confluence of positive and negative. The dusk of negativity has to end, because, it has to be followed by a beautiful dawn. This is a disposal of negativity, which has to end and only from it will flow positivity. Ironically blended in it is all that is positive to life.

Experience a trance that is a confluence of end and start, has a scent of sorrow with fragrance of time.


We are all knotted in relations, which give us something special and which compels us to wish that we could live longer. Smaran is the fragrance of time that is temporal.

A blook: A book created by picking some of the writings on my blog.


My blog is my life. It is dearest to me as it reflects everything that I experience in my life. A medium of self-expression, it is a journey that the reader will experience beyond words. I have a couple of followers on the blog but, I wanted to reach to a broader audience. So, I decided to publish my writings from the blog and put them together in a book. Here is my first blook (A book prepared from blog posts).

 My blog has been my constant companion and an immense support during tough times. Life is so tremendously exciting when you have a blog. You keep searching for topics to write so that you keep updating the blog. It gives you a reason and motivation to write. The other day I wondered why I write and this is what came to my mind.

Why do I write?

When you are hurt you hit hard with words,
You don’t know what you are hitting at, who are you hitting with words?
Some who read say, “You wrote well”,
Some call you insane,
Some ignore but, you write because writing empties you and then fills you with immense joy. Words do have that soothing power.
This poem shares my reasons for writing.


Screaming out to the heaven,
Loathing in disharmony,
Fuming in fathomless anger,
Restless regardless of the world,
Hiding, hoarding deep in the shackles of daily worldly disdainful, tasteless world.
Weighing words with disgusting balance.
Yelling within, peaceful ‘me’ is just a sham.
Words wane the anger, disgust and fury
String of hurriedly typed words with a gush of emotion.
Now a peaceful me is a picture of perfect happiness.


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