Happy Woman’s Day?

I strongly believe women all around the world are conditioned to think that each woman should have the power to endure and be patient.

We as women don’t need to fit this mould.

It’s not necessary that each woman knows cooking and should bear a child. It’s entirely her choice as an individual.

When each women gets the right to exercise her choices will we truly be free. Till then we are not free.

Indian women have to strike a balance between what they believe and what is expected from them. It’s a tough balance to strike.

So let’s salute them.


Don’t give up

Sometimes one after the other things don’t work out for you.

A series of failures continue the whole day or may be for months or years. You start to feel maybe things are not meant to be the way I wish them to be.

Well, don’t fall prey to this false voice. Battle it and move ahead. I experienced it today. Nothing worked out today since morning and I felt I might as well be at home and complete my work.

It was so frustrating. I was exhausted and famished.

But I continued my routine and things fell in place.

So, go for it and never quit.


Happy Woman’s Day: How India can become $10 trillion economy? Not without women in the workforce

Image courtesy: https://women.siliconindia.com/

Today, in the Economic Times, Dominic Barton, Managing Director of McKinsey shared his views on how India could become the $10 trillion economy in the article, “India needs a force to reach its $10 trillion potential and become a global role model”. He lists the challenges that India faces to reach that mark.

One such challenge that he mentions is gender inequality. He believes that women should participate more in the economy. In India women contribute less that a fifth of India’s GDP. Which means women add upto just 24% of the workforce at present. He clearly states that India will fall short of its economic potential if woman’s participation doesn’t increase.

I appreciate his observation and his views on how India should work on this challenge? That is the reason I chose to reflect on this article.

It’s a great observation and the solutions too are worth applying. But, the fundamental change that we need to see in India is at the micro level. The mindset of each Indian woman and man needs to change because, when a woman steps out of her house to pursue a career, its never easy. She faces innumerable challenges.

Most women quit their career after they marry and its not a big deal, it’s perfectly okay. They either feel they need to be with their family and their husband earns enough to run the family comfortably. Lot of women opt for higher education, complete it but, don’t pursue their careers. Also, making a career is not that important for girls. After marriage it’s the prerogative of the man to decide if his wife would work or stay at home. Well, why does someone else needs to decide that for her? She is an individual and she needs to speak for herself.

Image result for indian women multitasking

Image courtesy: Pinterest

It’s all about the way we raise our children. Women are primarily told that they have to look after the household chores, where cooking is a major part. She is bonded to the kitchen, while cooking is just optional for men. Why cannot we tell our sons that they need to move on and learn to help their mothers and sisters?

Even while a woman decides to work she knows the balancing act is difficult. She has to manage both house and her career. Imagine the stress that she goes through. Its just not easy to manage this herculean task without a helping hand. There are tens and thousands of things that need to be managed at home. How can she do that all by herself? She isn’t a machine or a superwoman. Here is how she either quits her career due to stress or it affects her health.

While she is sacrificing so much of her time to run the show, she needs to do it with all her love and affection. Why is she actually brainwashed to fit in this mould? The first culprits are our TV sitcoms that portray an ideal woman to be sacrificing, enduring and multi-tasking. Why do we need to glorify this image?

Then comes her pregnancy, where she has to take a maternity leave or just quit her career completely. Not all companies provide facilities and flexi-timings. Even when she joins back she has to leave her child at a crèche. After she gets home, she has a hell lot of things to manage. Why cannot companies have crèche at the workplace, which could be chargeable?

Yes, Indian women have travelled a long way in accepting unusual careers and rising up the corporate ladder. But, the percentage is too low. And still in rural areas girls are made to quit school as parents cannot afford further education, while the boys continue getting educated. Her education and future both are sacrificed for the sake of a male child.

Its all about changing our perspective. Parents should begin raising their children differently. Boys should also be trained to do household chores and participate. They cannot just sit there glued at their cell phones or TV screens while their sister is busy multitasking. If the boys aren’t taught about ‘equality’ in the family they are going to grow up to be men who only slouch in the sofa while their wife runs around taking care of the entire house.

If things don’t change at the micro level the change that we seek so passionately at the macro level are hard to achieve. If we as Indian citizens wish to contribute towards the growth of our country, each parent and each Indian needs to change the way we look at our girl child- her life, careers and aspirations.

© Copyright 2018 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

The Dormant Volcano- Bipul. B

bipul b

I introduce a guest poet- Bipul B. Thank-you Bipul B for letting me share your poem on my blog Travel- Beyond Words.

Bipul B is management leader by profession. He has 5 research publications  to his name in the field of CRM and two book chapter. A well read published poet. Featured among 100 emerging poets of Asia. Featured poet as contemporary Asian  poets of 2016-17, 10 international and 15 national poetry publications in paper backs and e-books Popularly known as ‘Dusk’ in literary circles

The Dormant Volcano…

Subdued emotions,

Layering molten lava,

Piling up restrains.

Keep the fire within,

Every pore is ablaze,

Transmitting heat of unaccustomed quantum,

Frets and fumes buried deep within,

While the seismological plates.

Adjust in disharmony,

Creaks and cracks of unhealed proportions,

Drag on the emotional turmoil,

Encapsulated in frozen silence.

Dreading to explode,

Each wound is now.

A volcano still dormant,

Ready to erupt,

Exile of words,

Suffer in suffocation,

Solitude the only silent spectator.

The tolerance shall reach its brim,

Someday the dams shall give way,

Opening the flood gates of anguish,

Taking along whatever comes in the way,

Battering burning converting to ashes,

For this suffering has a price to pay..

© Copyright 2018 Bipul B. All rights reserved

India, Day I’ve Lost Track

The Wild Heart of Life

There was a strike happening today. As a result, we had to leave our hotel room early…like 3:00 AM early. Varghese, our driver, is a trooper though, and drove our sleeping selves four hours through back country Kerala. My boyfriend was worried about the drive on so little sleep, but Varghese assured us we were safe. “There’s four people in the car,” he said. “Me, you, your wife, and God.” He’s Catholic, which is pretty common down here in this part of the country.

When they strike in India, they close the roads from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They’re protesting high fuel costs, which means that anyone who’s driving is a target. In other words, it’s just not safe to be on the roads. The workers are angry, as many of them employ themselves as taxi drivers—they can’t afford to do their work. They’ll slash your tires, shatter your…

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Learn Fun Facts’ Blog Party: Share Your Blog Here (January 2018)

Whatever Edmark writes is always superb!!!

Learn Fun Facts


The blog party that I did two months ago was well received. Hence, I decided to make this a monthly event.

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Why Do I Write?

One of my old poems.



Thank-you Amit Bose for clicking this candid snap.

When you are hurt you hit hard with words,
You don’t know what you are hitting at, who are you hitting with words?
Some who read say, “You wrote well”,
Some call you insane,
Some ignore but, you write cause writing empties you and then fills you with immense joy. Words do have that soothing power.
This poem shares my reasons for writing.


Screaming out to the heaven,
Loathing in disharmony,
Fuming in fathomless anger,
Restless regardless of the world,
Hiding, hoarding deep in the shackles of daily worldly disdainful, tasteless world.
Weighing words with disgusting balance.
Yelling within, peaceful ‘me’ is just a sham.
Words wane the anger, disgust and fury
String of hurriedly typed words with a gush of emotion.
Now a peaceful me is a picture of perfect happiness.

© Copyright 2016 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.

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The Poetic Journey to Tintern Abbey. 3

I loved this critical appreciation!!