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Presently I have teamed up and contribute as a writer to the following website:

It is a reservoir of presentations based on management topics that guide, motivate and inspire working professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

I create presentations for the website based on leadership, life lessons, success stories, business strategy, personality development, etc.

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I also write synopsis for film stories.

Previous Freelance Writing Assignments:

My Theatre Café: MTC:                       Film and Theatre Critique

The most exciting of all the writing I have done is for MTC. It is a massive platform for art and artists around the world. It is a place where artists share about their work, which helps them to reach a wider audience.

Reviewing plays and movies for MTC was a learning experience. Also, occasionally I got an opportunity to interview theatre/movie artists and filmmakers.

Please note: The author has pulled down the website. 

India Success Stories:

India Success Stories / Mazhiyashogatha shares success stories of individuals who have done crazy things to achieve their dreams and fought all odds to follow their passion. Here successful individuals share their journey to inspire and motivate.

I contribute to India Success Stories as a writer where I interview successful individuals and curate the interview along with translating stories penned in Marathi ( )

Bindass TV: UTV                                                                                                     Research Consultant

“Cashcab” was a unique, peppy and trendy game show aired on Bindass TV targeted at the youth. Working with the team as a researcher to create a list of questions for the show with close deadlines was exciting.

Other assignments:

Assisted in editing the book ‘Jata Removal Movement’ authored by Dr. Sudhir Kumbhar and Dr. Govind Dhaske

About the book:

‘Jata Removal Movement’ is a book based on Women’s issues. Jata (or matted hairs) have been a symbol used by the patriarchal oppressors for a number of sexual, social and gender oppressions. Multifarious oppressions have been created by developing superstitious religious belief systems and hijacking social communication. Through fatalistic sentimentalism of irrational beliefs, progress of rational social communication has been suppressed. The existence of oppressive Devdasi and Jata tradition signifies deep-rooted psychosocial control by the oppressors. Jata Nirmulan Abhiyaan (Matted Hair Removal Movement) has been a scientific movement rooted in rational thinking about beliefs and traditions. The collective act of removing the oppressive symbol of Jata is essential to value of human rights and gender rights. The negative social, psychological, health and development implications of matted hairs need collective attention for remedial actions. At the same time, it is essential to understand the politico-religious traditions, belief systems which rules the psyche of society to act on it.

Grab your copy:

Other publications:

Papers Presented:

Presented a poster on “WOMEN’S FACE TO AIDS: WOMEN AT RISK”( based on primary research conducted at ARCON CENTER, J.J. Hospital), at the International Conference on Gender Based Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health organized by NIRRH National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health in Mumbai.

Paper on ‘Changing Paradigms of Management’ presented at a Seminar on Changing Paradigms in Management at Annamalai University.

Read the paper by clicking

Paper on ‘Women Entrepreneurs for Rural Development’ presented at Seminar on Rural Development at IGNOU, Delhi

Paper on “INDIAN COMPANIES DURING GLOBAL RECESSION: AN OBJECTVIE PROLOGUE” at the “National Conference on Business Potential of India in Global Recession Scenario” at Bangalore.

View this interesting presentation on Slideshare

Book reviews:

Juicing the orange authored by Pat Fallon and Fred Senn publisher Harvard Business School Publications. Published in ICFAI magazine Advertising Express.

Marketing Mavens authored by Noel Capon published by Crown Business published in the ICFAI magazine Marketing Mastermind

Private Label Strategy authored by Nirmalya Kumar and Jan Benedict E. M. Steenkamp published by Harvard Business School Press. Published in ICFAI Journal of Brand Management

Narcissistic Leaders authored by Michael Maccoby published by Harvard Business School Press published in the ICFAI publication BEST BOOKS

Brand Simple authored by Allen P. Adamson published by Palgrave Macmillan. Published in the ICFAI Journal of Brand Management.

Exceeding Customer Expectations authored by Kirk Kazanjian published by Double Day publications

Case Studies:

“Quantum Leap Tata’s Acquisition of Corus” published in ICFAI Journal of Mergers and Acquisition. Abstract featured on the SSRN SITE (SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH NETWORK )

“Empowering Women through Self Help Groups and Micro Credit in India” published in the ICFAI magazine Professional Banker published in the edited books  ‘Changing face of Rural India’ and ‘Working Women: A Paradigm Shift

“Rebuilding Hindustan Lever Ltd’s Corporate Identity: A Strategic Insight” published in ICFAI magazine Advertising Express and published in the edited books ‘Rebranding’, ‘Corporate Identity Management -An introduction’ and  ‘Corporate Branding – Significance and Experiences’

Intel Enters Third World Countries: Charity or Business? Published in the ICFAI JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT. The case is uploaded on


‘Ageing Brand’ published in the ICFAI magazine Advertising Express and included in the edited book ‘Retro Marketing- International and Indian Perspectives’

“An Endeavour to Empower” published in the edited book “Education of Women: An Indian Story

“Silhouette of the Silver Screen” published in the edited book “Business of Bollywood: Indian Consciousness and Ethos of a Homogeneous Identity In A Dynamic World: A Compilation of Essays” Read the book:


by N. K. Singh (New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2007), Rs. 395, 254p,

ISBN No. 13:978-0-67008-137-0 book review published in The Icfai University  Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 4 no. 3 (July 2008)

“Leading the Path of Women’s Education: NGO INITIATIVES IN INDIA” published in the edited book “Education of Women: An Indian Story