Stressed? Be happy


Image: Created on Canva.

Often we get anxious and lose faith that things will fall in place. We are over anxious about how our day will proceed? Whether we will be able to meet our targets and realize our dream?

Stress often comes from anxiety and the fear of losing. In our competitive society, we are all programmed to ‘WIN’. We hate to lose or rather feel shameful to lose.

We cannot handle failure.

If we drop all worries and live in the moment, we would not be stressed. But, this is tough. Because, even while I do something, at the back of my mind Iam thinking about, ‘What is the next thing I got to do?’

Agreed, we got to think about our targets and plan things (as management experts want us to believe that you cannot realize your dreams without a plan in place). But, never stop enjoying the present moment.

We try so hard to live upto the standards of success created by a money driven competitive society and get frustrated if we fail to live upto those standards.

We want to be accepted but, never accept ourselves. It’s like a viscous cycle, the more you crave to fit into standards created by others, the more you refuse to accept yourself.

It’s great to sit for a few minutes and shut yourself away from everyone and everything to introspect about what you would want to do in life and are you happy?

I have never had any plans in my life, I often go with the flow. I don’t know if Iam successful but, Iam surely HAPPY and for me that is what matters.

So be happy and success will follow!!!

Do you think we need to manage stress? 

© Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur


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